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Episode 127 | Sagittarius Full Moon: Bluebird of Happiness, or Skating on Thin Ice?

Episode 127 | Sagittarius Full Moon: Bluebird of Happiness, or Skating on Thin Ice?

This week: Mercury leaves the last, exhausting degrees of Taurus and throws itself back into its home sign of Gemini. Time to touch base with old friends and to have constructive conversations, even if the topic is difficult. A Sagittarius Full Moon on the uplifting “bluebird of happiness” Sabian symbol is also square Neptune; are we happy, or just numb? The Sun and Venus both make aspects to Saturn and Neptune this week, with plenty of opportunities to maximize creative projects and work for whatever is worth hold onto. Plus: April replies to a question from listeners Suzanne and John, who want to know how to use their birth charts to support each other’s career ambitions and life-work balance!

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[0:29] Welcome to this week’s episode!

[1:02] June 13th: After wandering back into Taurus while retrograde, Mercury enters Gemini again, spelling a great time to reboot your technology and to get in touch with friends. Let’s hope that our conversations can be more constructive this time!

[3:03] Moooon report! A happier lunation than we’ve seen in awhile, with the Sagittarius Full Moon on the Sabian symbol, A bluebird at the door of a house. But the Sun’s symbol is Children skating on ice. If you should begin to feel you’re skating on thin ice, April explains how to release Full Moon anxiety with some grounding Virgo activities.

[8:01] Working with this week’s void-of-course Moon periods.

[11:07] June 16th heralds a busy day for the Sun, which makes a trine to Saturn and a square to Neptune. April gives advice on maximizing your creativity and pursuing your own path.

[14:40] On the 18th, Venus squares Saturn and sextiles Neptune: It’s time to put in the work if you want to keep a hold of the things you value, particularly your close relationships.

[17:59] A special message from April about how to get a personal birth chart reading!

[19:08] A listener question: How can couples use their birth charts to support each other through their transitions and transformations? April explains the concept of synastry in astrology: how each partner’s planets can support the other’s.

[27:02] Two ways to combine your birth charts to create a separate chart for the relationship itself! (Here’s Skymates, the book by Steven and Jodie Forrest that April mentions – much good stuff about Composite charts! And here is Dorothy Oja’s article on the Davison relationship chart.)

[29:57] How to ask April your question for a future episode!

[30:54] A Big Sky shoutout to April’s listeners and generous donors – if you like the show, here’s how to donate!

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  • Wim

    Happy as a child to hear my name mentioned as a “sponsor”!
    (Probably the full moon right on my Venus in the 1st House?!)
    Needless to say that my poor donation does not correspond to my profound appreciation and gratitude for all your work.
    Thank you, April, and keep up the good work!

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