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Episode 124 | Venus and Mars are Sleepless in Seattle!

Seattle skyscape by Andrea Leopardi at Upsplash | Collage by April Kent

Episode 124 | Venus and Mars are Sleepless in Seattle!

This week: Mars enters Aries, gaining home field advantage and galvanizing Jupiter. This is a feisty, energetic combination, but the Sabian symbol for this conjunction, “Two lovers strolling through a secluded park,” could mean that our efforts aren’t visible to the outside world. Venus sextiles Saturn (we can get what we want if we make a plan) but also squares Pluto (we might not want it once we get it). Venus entering Taurus means that both Venus and Mars, the planets of romance, are in their strongest signs, but they’re not necessarily connecting with each other. Plus: A listener question about how long the eclipse season hangover might last!

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[0:30] Welcome, and a rundown of this week’s planetary highlights.

[1:00] Moooooooooon Report! No major lunation this week (the Gemini New Moon is on May 30), but keep an eye on May 24, when the Moon makes a conjunction with Mars, enters Aries, and conjoins Jupiter.

[2:05] A void-of-course Moon that ends on a square to Pluto can bring you down a little bit. Sit with your Pluto mood, but try not to dwell on the negative!

[3:36] A trine aspect between the Moon in Taurus and Pluto: A glimpse into how we can break old bad habits or set new good ones.

[4:58] The Sun, Mars, and Jupiter: It’s a busy week for these three!

[7:28] Mars and Jupiter come together in a conjunction on the Sabian symbol of two lovers strolling through a secluded park. Although these planets in Aries are more extroverted, it might be time to hunker down and work on a project with just one other person. (And if you need help finding where the degree of this conjunction (4 Aries) falls in your birthchart, this blog post and video might help!)

[9:50] This week, Venus makes a sextile aspect to Saturn and a square to Pluto. Make a plan to get what you want, but don’t be surprised if you end up not really wanting what what you get.

[12:08] Venus in Taurus, Mars in Aries: The rom com characters who keep missing each other! Will they get it together before the end of the film?

[14:30] Mercury’s still retrograde and makes a sextile aspect to Mars on May 23rd: Time to revisit old work opportunities. The trine from Mercury to Pluto is good for revisiting and focusing on ideas from late April.

[18:51] Listener question: How long do eclipses influence us? April explains how she interprets eclipses and how to find the start, mid-point, and end of the eclipse season’s reach.

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