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Episode 123 | Gemini Season: Birds, Bees, and Twins!

Episode 123 | Gemini Season: Birds, Bees, and Twins!

It’s Gemini Season! The birds are birding, the bees are buzzing, and the rest of us just want to get together and socialize! Mercury’s retrograde during Gemini Season, so be prepared to see old friends and lost acquaintances pop back up in your life in unexpected ways. Plus: the beginning of a new Mars/Neptune cycle – fight for your beliefs! The Sun and Mars unite with Pluto in empowering trine and sextile aspects. The Last Quarter Moon in Pisces is a time of reflection, leading up to next week’s ingress of Mars into Aries. Plus: April answers a question from listener Emily about why twins, born with nearly identical birth charts, can seem so different!

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[0:36] April welcomes listeners to the podcast and introduces the big news from the week: Gemini season, a Mars-Neptune conjunction, and more.

[1:12] On Mars 17th/18th, there’s a Mars-Neptune conjunction in Pisces on the Sabian symbol, The purging of the priesthood, spelling a period of fighting on behalf of others and tackling hypocrisy.

[4:35] A trine aspect between the Sun and Pluto, highlighting the contrast between the sovereignty of the individual and putting aside your ego for the good of a larger cause. This aspect encourages a balance between these two opposite principles.

[7:02] May 19th brings the second of three sextile aspects between Mercury and Jupiter. This is a wonderful week to be creative, write down your ideas, and look for the process that will bring your big, ambitious project to fruition.

[9:38] The Sun enters Gemini on May 20th, ushering in a season of socializing, networking, and sharing ideas. As Mercury is still retrograde, this might mean reconnecting with old friends from the past. April tells you how to make the most of Gemini season to prepare yourself for the Cancer solstice

[12:12] May 21st brings an inferior conjunction between the Sun and Mercury, which is a time to look inward and review your thoughts. You can expect clarity and accuracy in your insights as the Sun ignites Mercury and illuminates new ideas.

[15:25] The Moooooooooooooon Report! This week’s major lunar event is the Pisces Last Quarter Moon. (For thoughts about the Scorpio Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse, listen to Episode 122!)  April recommends you act on your reflections, based on your past experience.

[19:22] This week’s Void-of-Course Moon periods.

[22:26] Mercury retrogrades into Taurus on May 22nd and has a busy week, with a sextile aspect to Jupiter followed by a trine aspect to Pluto. After turning direct in late Taurus in early June, it will return to Gemini on June 13.

[23:44] A Mars-Pluto sextile on May 22nd: a civil, businessman-like handshake between the two planets. It’s like Mars’ exit interview before entering Aries next week!

[24:51] This week’s listener question from Emily about the natal charts of twins: If their charts are so similar, why are twins so different?

[29:21] How to get in touch with April to ask her your astrology questions!

[30:20] April thanks the generous listeners who supported the show during the September podathon, in particular Teina Lichtwardt, Henrietta Winston, and Anna Carlucci!

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