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Episode 116 | Aries New Moon: Neither a Follower nor a Leader Be!

Episode 116 | Aries New Moon: Neither a Follower Nor a Leader Be

The Aries New Moon is the liveliest feature in a relatively slow astronews week, and it’s the perfect time to launch innovative projects and business ventures.  Aries has a pioneer spirit and is happiest moving at its own pace; it’s not drawn to leadership, it just doesn’t want to follow anyone else! Also: How to make the most of the 14-hour void-of-course moon period on March 28th; Venus makes it official with Saturn and triggers the lunar nodes; and April deploys a festive metaphor to answer listener Elliott’s question about orbs the number of degrees two planets can be from an exact aspect and still have an influence. Plus: Bendings, bad boys, and tetherballs!

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[0:42] This week’s Big Sky news: The Aries New Moon, some sweet, sweet Venus aspects, and a listener question.

[1:08] A Venus/Saturn conjunction, spelling a mix of commitment and pleasure.

[4:34] A square aspect between Venus and the lunar node, involving the Sabian symbol, “A man turning his back on his passions and teaching from his experience.” Trust your experience in Venus matters instead of what you want to be true.

[7:20] The Moon Report! What does the Aries New Moon (March 31, 11:24 pm Pacific time; April 1 practically everyplace else) mean for you? It begins with the house of your chart that contains 11 deg. Aries. Don’t know how to find it? This blog post and video might help!

[10:27] Void-of-course moon periods to watch out for, including a 14-hour window on March 28th.

[13:10] Sometimes you just want to talk with someone about your chart. Make that person April! Book a personal reading at her website!

[14:04] A question from listener Elliott about planetary aspects. How far away is too far?

[18:00] A metaphor for approaching vs. separating aspects that anyone who’s ever hosted a party can appreciate.

[21:26] Is Uranus’ bad boy reputation deserved? [April’s note: Looking back at this transcript, I can see I’m giving a bit of a mixed message here. What I’d like to say is, orbs depend on many things: your relationship with the transiting planet, how slowly it moves, and the nature of the events that it brings. What happened at that party? It’s harder to clean up after a party where guests have gotten out of control and started throwing furniture around! My guideline of a few degrees is very approximate. With a client, I can usually tell by talking with them whether they’re still experiencing the aspect strongly.]

[22:52] How to have your astrology question answered on the show!

[24:00] Big thank you and shout outs to the show’s loyal listeners Vanessa, Tammy, and Anna!

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