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Episode 110 | Leo Full Moon: Many Little Birds!

Ep. 110 | Leo Full Moon: Many Little Birds! (Feb. 14, 2022)

In this episode, April shares a little history about Valentine’s Day and how this holiday connects with the week’s union between lovers Venus and Mars. Mercury, the planet of communication, enters Aquarius on Valentine’s Day; it’s a great week to get back in touch with old friends, or to reach out and connect with someone new. But keep your messages light and breezy; Aquarius prefers it that way!

Next up, the Full Moon in Leo, with Sabian symbols of little birds on a tree from Leo and a chopped-down tree from Aquarius. This may seem contradictory, but then, the Full Moon always brings revelations. Perhaps it’s time for you to reevaluate your position and rethink the seeds you planted at the Feb. 1 New Moon. If you’re carrying some hurt inside you, the Leo Sabian symbol suggests that you find your community and join the little birds on the branch, as being part of a group can be a healing experience.

April shares this week’s void-of-course Moon periods and tells you what to look out for and how to make the most of these liminal times. She also shares a mini lesson on understanding planetary cycles – how can you tell which planets’ transits are most newsworthy? Plus: the Sun enters restful Pisces, Jupiter connects with Uranus’ jumper cables for the first time since last January, and relationship reboots!

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[0:43] Welcome Invisible Friends, and happy Valentine’s Day!

[2:49] February 14th: Mercury enters Aquarius – keep it breezy!

[4:20] A time to connect, or reconnect

[5:38] A Full Moon in Leo, with Sabian symbols of little birds on a branch and a felled tree

[9:15] The Full Moon squares the lunar nodes, marking the midpoint between eclipse seasons

[11:07] Void-of-course Moon periods on February 14th, February 16th, and February 18th, and February 20th

[12:50] What to look out for and how to use a void-of-course moon

[14:53] The Sun enters Pisces for a month of rest and healing

[16:00] This week’s mini lesson: Planetary cycles and how planetary speeds influence how we interpret the messages from the skies

[25:40] A sexy Venus-Mars conjunction in Capricorn – relationship reboots!

[28:24] Jupiter’s sextile aspect to Uranus. What do we believe, and how do we want to do things differently? Talk about the struggles from January 2021.

[32:18] Shoutouts to the podcast’s loyal donors and subscribers, particularly Elliott Mayer, Catherine Boyer, and Sara McNeil!

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  • Kent, I finally got around to listening to your inaugural solo flight, and it’s really wonderful. Kudos to you my friend! And I think the planetary cycles are a great place to start. I was just thinking the other day about how the second lunar progressed return coincides with menopause (for most women, anyway). The seasons of life are ever instructive.

    Big hugs,


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