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Episode 101 | Scorpio New Moon: Tiny Pumpkins, High Spirits, Can’t Lose!

Show Notes for Episode 101 (10/25/2021)

101| Scorpio New Moon: Tiny Pumpkins, High Spirits, Can’t Lose!

April and Jen lift your spirits and welcome an appropriately Scorpionic Halloween: Mars and Mercury enter the sign, along with a tense Scorpio New Moon and a roaring First Quarter Moon! Also: Saturn puts a lampshade on the Sun; Venus and Neptune ask if we can love our people as they are; the Sun gets a wake-up call from Uranus; Mercury repeats a few aspects (third time’s the charm?); and Venus enters a long haul through serious Capricorn. Plus: battle of the Ants, largish kitties – and bust out your Bingo cards, friends, because there is a lot of singing up in here!

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00:30 – Up and Atom, it’s almost Halloween! Grab your tiny pumpkins and your cats, and why not be a Goody Two Shoes!

It’s been awhile since you’ve seen Violet and Toby… they’re all grown up!

03:19 – WEEK ONE (Oct. 25-31) begins with Venus, at 20.44 Sagittarius, squaring Neptune in Pisces (Oct. 26). Go back to mid-March 2021 – does anything connect for you related to finances or relationships? (Review Episode 72).

06:12 – *MOONWATCH!* We have a Leo Last Quarter Moon (Oct. 28), on the Sabian symbol for 6 Leo, “An old-fashioned lady and a flapper.” The Sun is on 6 Scorpio, “A gold rush.” This is reminiscent of the Saturn/Uranus square (Episode 69, Saturn and Uranus)! What needs finishing up from 3 weeks ago – as well as July 2019, Apr. 2020, and Jan. 2021?

09:46 – Tired? Blue? The Sun, at 7.11 Scorpio, squares Saturn in Aquarius (Oct. 30). Your spirits may lift after this lampshade is removed!

11:06 – Mars enters Scorpio (Oct. 30-Dec. 13), a good time to do research!

12:48 – Break it down! Mercury, at 22.39 Libra, trines Jupiter in Aquarius for the third time (Oct. 31). The others were Sep. 20 (revisit Episode 94) and Oct. 3.

13:55 – Watch your tongue! WEEK TWO (Nov. 1-7) starts with Mercury squaring Pluto (at 24.29 Capricorn) for the third time (Nov. 2).

15:46 – *MOONWATCH!* is brought to you by artist Victoria Pendragon and her personal natal chart paintings!

19:11 – Interested in sponsoring Moonwatch? We’d love to chat! Let us know: April(at)bigskyastrology(dot)com

19:29 – The New Moon at 12.40 Scorpio (Nov. 4) is on the symbol, “An inventor experimenting.” People may seem angrier than usual; the escape route is in Leeooo! Create something, bring joy, shine your light!

24:24 – Creative breakthroughs: Later that day, the Sun opposes Uranus at 12.47 Taurus, bringing us back to Apr. 30 (Episode 79).

25:43 – Venus enters Capricorn (Nov. 5 – Mar. 5, 2022), helping us appreciate commitment, values, and financial responsibility.

27:07 – Head’s up: Venus will be retrograde Dec. 19! What activities should we delay, or get done ahead of time?

31:12 – Go deep! Mercury enters Scorpio (Nov. 5-24)!

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