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Ep. 100 | Aries Full Moon, Scorpio Season, & Our Centenary Celebration!

Show Notes for Episode 100 (10/11/2021)

100 | Aries Full Moon, Scorpio Season, & Our Centenary Celebration!

Come on in, as April and Jen invite you to celebrate our 100th episode! In this episode, we hop into the way-back machine, laugh a lot, and tackle some astrology along the way: the musical Capricorn First Quarter Moon; a contentious Aries Full Moon (featuring quarrelsome Mars and Pluto); the Sun making a joyful aspect to Jupiter and a wretched aspect to Pluto before entering brooding Scorpio; and Mercury and Jupiter straighten up and fly right. Plus: beaucoup montages, April’s brand loyalty in relationships of all kinds, and too-tight shoes!

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00:30 – Thanks, podpals, for celebrating 100 episodes with us! We couldn’t do it without you! Woot!

03:27 – We begin WEEK ONE (Oct. 11-17) with *MOONWATCH!* and a Capricorn First Quarter Moon (FQM) at 20° on Oct. 12 on the symbol, “A hidden choir singing.” Speaking of singing…

04:30 – Hop in the way-back machine with us, as we remember some of the songs we’ve sung along the way!

08:06 – Back to the FQM already in progress: Go ahead and break ground on an important project! This FQM brings us back to Jan. 12, 2021.

10:56 – The Sun in Libra is busy! A reward is possibly coming as it trines Jupiter at 22.20 Aquarius (Oct. 15). And as it squares Pluto at 24.20 Capricorn (Oct. 17), never forget you have a reason for being here! (Lend your ears to our shows on the US Pluto Return: Episode 29, Neptune Washing Over All, and the US Pluto Return and Episode 65, Mars, Uranus, and Revisiting the US Pluto Return.)

15:36 – Thanks to our non-imaginary sponsors over the past year: Faunabelle Tarot, Tenth House Creative, Shellie Crow Yoga, The Color Mage, and artist Victoria Pendragon! Let’s hop into the way-back machine once again as we revisit our imaginary sponsors!

21:21 – Are you interested in being a sponsor? Want to learn more? Drop us a line: April(at)bigskyastrology(dot)com

21:53 – We move on to WEEK TWO (Oct. 18-24) with Jupiter (Oct. 17 at 22.19 Aquarius) and Mercury (Oct. 18 at 10.07 Libra) stationing direct!

27:06 – *MOONWATCH!* We have a Full Moon (FM) at 27.26 Aries (Oct. 20), but first – let’s take a look at the evolution of the Moonwatch theme!

30:38 – This FM features a contentious T-square, including Mars in Libra squaring Pluto at 24.22 Cap (exact Oct. 21). The exit strategy is in Cancer, so enjoy home, favorite foods, and cuddling. This FM brings us back to March 2020 (Episode 17, Saturn in Aquarius: All in This Together) and June 2021 (Episode 84, Venus enters Cancer: Everything’s Coming Up Throw Pillows!) Push in the direction of fairness, and defend the powerless!

35:31 – A season of endings and the chance for new beginnings: the Sun enters Scorpio (Oct. 22)!

41:05 – This year’s Podathon raffle winners are announced! Thanks to ALL of our podpals who contributed during the Podathon! And, if you’d like to support the show (at no cost to you!) please give us a 5-star rating, follow wherever you listen, and/or leaving a happy review – here’s how! Also, it’s not too late to hear the exclusive equinox episode – just donate $5 or more, and we’ll send it to you, along with our fun bingo card! See you in two weeks!

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