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According to the tradition of electional astrology, the answer is a resounding “yes”! Using astrology to choose your wedding date won’t make a bad relationship into a good marriage, or vice versa. But it can get you off to a good start, by helping you better understand both your strengths as a couple and areas for potential growth.

Article: Choosing Your Wedding Date With Astrology

Doesn’t it stand to reason that if there is indeed “a time to every purpose under heaven,” it would make sense to align ourselves and our actions with this purpose? After all, if astrology isn’t good for this, what is it good for?
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star guide to weddingsMarriages have horoscopes too! Each has its own personality, purpose, and needs. Whether you’re planning the perfect wedding or hoping to nourish the marriage you already have, this little book is an indispensable guide. April’s writing is fun, her stories engaging, and best of all, her insights and advice are right on. — Dana Gerhardt, The Mountain Astrologer magazine,

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Free Wedding Date Astrology Tutorial

free astrology tutorial on wedding datesIf you’re pretty adept at astrology and want to take a crack at choosing your own date, my free step-by-step wedding date tutorial will take you behind the curtain and show you how I do it.

If you’re an absolute beginner at astrology, this probably isn’t for you. But if you’re well-versed in astrology (for instance, you recognize planetary aspects and know a void-of-course Moon when you see one) AND you have a high tolerance for both tedium and frustration, then this will be a lot of fun – and for an appealing price (free).

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Wedding Date Astrology Workshop – NOW AVAILABLE!

Wedding Date Astrology Workshop This 28-page workbook and 4 indepth videos will walk you through the entire process of choosing your wedding date from start to finish. If you know some astrology but need just a little hand-holding, this is a fun and cost-effective option. Based on my popular free online tutorial, this workshop has been updated and expanded to include:

  • detailed instructions for narrowing the field of choices
  • finding a “good” Venus and Moon
  • finding the void of course moon and the moon’s last aspect
  • tools and tips for timing the chart
  • helpful planetary tables for 2013 – 2020

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Custom Wedding Electional Service

I do

Armed with a combination of electional astrology principles, your birth and composite charts, and your responses to a detailed questionnaire, I will choose the three best days/times within your specified time frame (up to 2 years) and present the dates and charts along with my analysis. CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE.