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Full Moon in Virgo: The Wheat and the Chaff

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I have a confession to make: I don’t hold a very high opinion of popular culture. I prefer the gritty dramas of HBO to reality television, independent films to big-budget action movies, and Charlie Rose to Oprah. I loathe shopping malls, chain restaurants, and Starbucks. I’ve never been on the Atkins diet and stubbornly resist […]

Saturn in Virgo: Edits and other torture.

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I’m in the throes of editing the author proofs for my book, and it’s painful. Over the years, I’ve perfected a rather obsessive writing process – dashing off a draft, printing it out, marking it up; typing in the changes, printing it out, marking it up; lather, rinse, and repeat as needed, often five or […]

Mars/Saturn lessons

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We’re only a few days into Mars’ interminable journey through Cancer (until MAY 9, people. MAY 9! – okay, with January and February off for good behavior, but still), and already I’m feeling defensive and prickly. Someone owes me money (Mars is conjunct my natal Venus), a situation that never fails to make me crazy […]

Fault Lines

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Oh yeah. Eclipses. They rattle us because they remind us where the bones are buried. They haunt our sensitive spots and tap on the trick knees of our psyches with the tiny ball peen hammer of fate until eventually – reflexively – we shoot right through the ceiling.