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Aries New Moon: The Beast in Me

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Wherever Aries appears in your chart, you probably don’t play well with others. Even if you prefer to delegate Aries duties to your gun-toting, raw meat-loving partner, there’s still something untamed in you beneath your refined veneer—something songwriter Nick Lowe once called The Beast in Me, and which an astrologer might call Aries.

Previewing the May 20 Solar Eclipse: A glass-bottomed boat

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Expecting affairs of the human heart to follow the rules of logic and reason is a recipe for dissatisfaction. Don’t ignore underlying problems in your relationships, but seek solutions not with your brain, but rather with your heart. Sit knee to knee with the one you love, and peer into your relationship’s wondrous fathoms through your own “glass-bottomed boat.”

Today’s Aspect-palooza: Four Seasons in One Day

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Astrologically, things have been relatively quiet since the New Moon. That ends today, with a veritable bonanza of astro-activity. To wit: While you slept, the Sun squared Neptune. Jupiter and Venus both turn direct. Jupiter has been retrograde since July 23, and Venus since October 8. Sun trines Uranus (9:58 pm PST). I wrote a […]

First, he killed his mother.

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The fallout from last night’s tense Full Moon is spilling out all over today’s headlines. In Alabama on Tuesday, a quiet young man killed ten people – beginning with his mother (remember the Moon conjunct Saturn in that Full Moon chart?) and ending with himself. This morning, I turned on the radio to listen to […]

Money, music, and women

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All are ruled by Venus, which is turning retrograde on March 6. Retrogrades often seem to take things away from us, like a tide going out and carrying with it precious sand (and perhaps our beach umbrella). But sometimes when the retrograde tide goes out, we find unexpected treasures lying exposed on the shore. As […]