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UAC 2012 (Part Two): The Conference

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I went to a few sessions, but not as many as I have at past conferences. I find I don’t have a lot of patience anymore for sitting still and listening to much of anything for an hour and ten minutes; or perhaps it was all those transiting planets in Gemini. In any event, here were a few of the sessions I sat in on, along with some of my fairly shallow notes, tweets, and observations.



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In 1992 I went to my first UAC conference. For the uninitiated, the United Astrological Congress is sponored by three of the biggest astrological organizations, NCGR, ISAR, and AFAN, and is usually held every three years or so. It’s like Woodstock or the Academy Awards for astrologers, with an international faculty and astrologers from all […]

How to Write an Astrology Book in 11 Weeks

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I just finished writing a 400-page astrology book in eleven weeks. I did it without collaborators or ghost writers, and while I managed to recycle a limited amount of material from my archives, it didn’t amount to much. Still, I met my terrifyingly tight deadline on time, sanity more or less intact. Here’s how to replicate my feat.

Remember that marriage survey?

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A couple of years ago, many of you were kind enough to participate in my survey about marriage. The results of the project can be found in my article “When Will I Get Married?”, which appears in the Aug/Sep 2010 issue of The Mountain Astrologer magazine. I share the top five astrological significators of marriage, […]

The Astrological “I” Redux: Anecdotal Overdose?

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Back in 2005 I wrote an article called The Astrological ‘I’: Putting the Self Back in Astrology, which argued for the use of personal stories in astrology. What a difference five years make! These days, astrology blogs (not to mention Facebook accounts) abound that offer seemingly endless insights into the astrological minutiae of daily life. […]

New Moon in my 8th house: Other people’s projects

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This may seem ironic in view of my last post… but here are a few things my colleagues are up to that I thought you might find interesting. The witty, urbane, and whimsically Canadian Matthew Currie has published the first in a series of small yet delectable e-books. This one provides a thoroughly readable introduction […]