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Scorpio Solar Eclipse: Sparks

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We’re reminded at the Scorpio New Moon how easily accidents, illness, and murderers can take our bodies, at any moment. Eventually, the body will die – there’s no controlling that. But remember, too, that life isn’t a body. Life doesn’t disappear just because it takes a form we no longer recognize….


Astrology and the Business of Being You

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A question like “Where is my life headed?” may seem a trifle lofty for those of us who are just trying to get through each day and earn a living. But as Pluto, the planet of transformation, settles into career-oriented Capricorn for a nice long stay, it may be exactly the right one to ask.


The Rising Planet: Your “First Responder”

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The planet closest to your Ascendant, usually in the first, second, or third houses, is called the rising planet. I also call it the “first responder” planet, because it’s the planet that is first on deck to handle anything new that comes your way. What’s your first responder planet, and how does it operate in your life?


Venus moves into Libra: Why isn’t the sky raining gum drops?

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So I hate to be the one to break it to you, but placing Venus in Libra in a solar system full of bigger, slower, meaner planets that are in a bad mood is about as effective as putting a Glade air freshener in a slaughterhouse. Both are fighting way out of their weight class.


July 1 Solar Eclipse in Cancer: Expecting

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This solar eclipse is the last in a series that have fallen in Capricorn and Cancer since July 2009, traveling alongside some difficult planetary configurations. Eclipses herald change, and many of us have found ourselves careening from crisis to crisis – insecure about access to life’s essentials, flapping our wings in perturbation, frantically looking for ways to make ourselves feel safe, and to bend the world to our will. Kicking back and letting nature take its course has not felt like an option. But as with all eclipses, this one is part of a larger story…


Jupiter/Saturn Opposition: Cosmic Taffy Pull

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Bumping this up for next week’s Jupiter/Saturn opposition A neighbor in my rural hometown used to put us kids to work each year pulling taffy. Sounds like a delightful, Normal Rockwell-esque activity, but it was surprisingly hard work. An opposition between titans Jupiter (expansion) and Saturn (contraction) is not unlike a cosmic taffy pull, and […]