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Libra New Moon: The Leap of Love

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The Libra New Moon is close to Jupiter, which recently entered Libra for a one-year stay. Astrologers rejoiced when Jupiter left Virgo, figuring that since Jupiter is supposed to be a “lucky” planet and Libra is the sign of relationships, everything would soon be coming up rainbows and unicorns. But anytime someone starts talking about how wonderful a transit is going to be, it makes me itchy….

Jupiter enters Virgo: The Party’s Over

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Despite its reputation as astrology’s most generous benefactor, Jupiter’s gifts are often best enjoyed in hindsight. When Jupiter is moving through a sign, a house, or in aspect to one of your natal planets, you can actually feel quite a lot of pressure – to live bigger, be more daring, and challenge your limitations..

The Rising Planet: Your “First Responder”

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The planet closest to your Ascendant, usually in the first, second, or third houses, is called the rising planet. I also call it the “first responder” planet, because it’s the planet that is first on deck to handle anything new that comes your way. What’s your first responder planet, and how does it operate in your life?

Jupiter/Saturn Opposition: Cosmic Taffy Pull

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Bumping this up for next week’s Jupiter/Saturn opposition A neighbor in my rural hometown used to put us kids to work each year pulling taffy. Sounds like a delightful, Normal Rockwell-esque activity, but it was surprisingly hard work. An opposition between titans Jupiter (expansion) and Saturn (contraction) is not unlike a cosmic taffy pull, and […]

Aquarius New Moon: Year of the Full Metal Rabbit

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Hail the Aquarius New Moon (Feb. 2, 6:31 pm PST) and the Chinese Year of the Rabbit! I confess that I know next to nothing about Chinese astrology, but over the years I’ve been baffled by descriptions of the alleged gentleness and delicacy of those born in Rabbit years. Since I’ve known – and in […]

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Solar astrology this week: preparing to fly

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The Sun is winding down its annual tour of Scorpio’s turgid bayou country, headed for the clear, open skies of Sagittarius (arriving on November 22). But as it paddles for the surface, the Sun makes aspects this week to three planetary giants: Jupiter, Uranus, and Neptune. The transiting Sun’s trine and sextile aspects to other […]

I Survived the August 2010 Cardinal (Anti-)Climax and all I got was this stupid t-shirt

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When the Moon entered Cancer and Venus entered Libra on Friday,  the astrological world held its collective breath. These two fast-moving celestial bodies were, we felt, the catalysts that would galvanize the slow-building and long-anticipated cardinal t-square (Jupiter conjunct Uranus, opposed Mars conjunct Saturn, and all of them square Pluto) into what is popularly (and, […]


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This morning, as transiting Jupiter exactly conjoined my 4th house cusp, President Obama signed into a law a health care reform bill that means I may actually be allowed to age in the country of my birth without the threat of financial ruin or the necessity of indentured servitude to an employer who offers insurance. […]