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Progressed Moon changing signs: Empty spaces

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We spent the last week transforming the front bedroom of the house – which had disintegrated into a cluttered, chaotic “catch all” –  into a guest room. My handy spouse repaired the stained glass windows, which were in desperate need of new latches and new seals, took apart the built-in bookcase and reconfigured it to […]

magic of porches

Seasonal Astrology: The Magic of Porches

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magic of porches

For Americans who grew up during a particular era, a gracious front porch is a symbol of many warm memories. The front porch sheltered us from rain and sun and gave us a place to relax, imagine, and dream; it offered a sense of community and coziness, all in one.

Leo Full Moon: The Cat and the Computer

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The Cat and the Computer As an astrologer and website designer, I spend the majority of my days in the technology-rich realm of Aquarius, gazing at a computer screen. The Internet gives me access to a vast landscape of information. Email helps me maintain friendships with far-away kindred spirits. My astrology work takes full advantage […]

We have a dream again

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Happy birthday to the land of my birth, and a love song to you from David Wilcox: It’s who we’ve always been The land of dreams and visionaries The frontier starts again Make our way with what we carry The journey is from here,  hope or fear For our children’s children We are the pioneers […]

A new desk and a new (and horrifying) look at myself

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I think I’m allergic to my new desk. When will I learn not to buy new things while Mercury is Retrograde? First the computer, now this. Mind you, the desk is very fetching, quite fanciful and most appropriate for my progressed Moon in Pisces. It’s painted with a fabulous sort of Tuscan landscape complete with […]

Not because of him

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Today some friends and I gathered to celebrate a Presidential inauguration that would have been unimaginable just four years ago. I celebrated not because the man we elected is smart, cool, and seems possessed of goodwill and good judgment, though he seems to be all these things. I celebrated not because I consider him a […]

Dateline San Diego

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Vacation was fantastic… restorative, refreshing, all that. But I cannot tell a lie: my full 9th house notwithstanding, I’m glad to be home again. Partly it’s because I came down a pretty dreadful flu the minute we hit Wellington, and spent a good deal of our last week in New Zealand in bed, watching the […]