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New Moon in Aries: Hair of the Dog

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I suppose I think of the planets and the gods they represent as something like the ancestors who live in our DNA. We think we’re completely unique, a product of our own creation. We make our own decisions and choices, or so we think; but could it be genetics, years of television viewing, or our third-grade teacher making those choices? Or even … planets?

New Moon Astrology: Beginnings

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Astrology works because moments in time, like seeds, contain the prescription for what they will become. But even gardeners and farmers, with a wisdom borne of years negotiating with nature, acknowledge that all the planning and care and preparation in the world won’t ensure the outcome of their crops. Nature and life have a way of surprising us….

New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Scorpio: Breaking Open, Breaking Down

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Eclipses in Scorpio can tap into fathomless wellsprings of emotion, much of it old and painful. Where do you have a backlog of emotional energy that needs to be discharged? Where have you taken a particular course of action as far as it can reasonably go? Where is life ready to break you down and build you back up, stronger this time?

New Moon in Libra: Comparisons are Odious.

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As an astrologer I’ve had to learn to get inside another’s skin and see the world through their eyes. But developing a heightened awareness of others can be a difficult skill to switch off at the end of the day. When you spend too much time looking through another’s eyes, it can be all too easy to lose track of your own truth.

New Moon in Gemini: You Name It

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You’re not your failures. You’re not your successes. You’re not the name your family gave you, or the cruel nicknames you were given on the schoolyard. At this liminal, magical New Moon, remember everything else that you are. Imagine yourself differently, and give that imagining a bright and joyful name all its own. It’s never too late to be someone new….

New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Gemini: Brothers and Sisters

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Few people in our lives get the opportunity to influence us when we are so malleable as in childhood, when brothers and sisters leave their handprints on us as they might in wet cement. But the truth is that while the emotional connection may be less compelling, we share similar bonds with people who share our neighborhoods, our communities, our alma mater, our mother tongue, the country of our birth….

Previewing the May 20 Solar Eclipse: A glass-bottomed boat

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Expecting affairs of the human heart to follow the rules of logic and reason is a recipe for dissatisfaction. Don’t ignore underlying problems in your relationships, but seek solutions not with your brain, but rather with your heart. Sit knee to knee with the one you love, and peer into your relationship’s wondrous fathoms through your own “glass-bottomed boat.”

New Moon in Taurus: The Weight of the World

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I pause each day to dutifully perform my determined little exercise routines – to remind myself to take part in the physical world, the present moment, and to inhabit my whole life – including my physical body, down to the feet that keep me rooted here. To remember to appreciate the opportunity to inhabit the physical world and learn from it. Even if only to breathe in the fragrant spring air and smile into the sun. Even if only to say, “Now!”