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Me and We

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There’s another eclipse this week, this one a solar eclipse at 8.35 Aries early Wednesday morning. What’s been stirring and awakening in your life these past couple of years? Aries is the sign of quickening, or coming alive; somewhere inside you, a seed is trying to push through the earth’s frozen crust after a long […]

Let it roll!

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The Sun conjuncted Uranus in Pisces early this morning, so take care – you don’t want to go dropping the blow dryer in the bathtub. This is the kind of aspect that can make folks a little accident-prone, typically because Uranus makes us want to shake up our usual routines, and then we forget to […]

This Friggin’ Book.

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Lately I am reminded of a curious bit of truth initially gleaned in my reckless youth. I learned it first in the context of dating, but I find it applies to just about any situation, and it is this: You are never more desirable than when you are unavailable. Along with the usual astrology stuff, […]

Swimming with the fishes

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In honor of tomorrow’s New Moon in Pisces (1:10 am PST), I’ve published a new article, Divine Vulnerability, over at my website. Here’s the New Moon chart (calculated for San Diego, using Koch houses): It’s a kicker of a New Moon chart, with the Sun, Moon, and Venus all square Pluto. Here in San Diego, […]