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Previewing the May 20 Solar Eclipse: A glass-bottomed boat

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Expecting affairs of the human heart to follow the rules of logic and reason is a recipe for dissatisfaction. Don’t ignore underlying problems in your relationships, but seek solutions not with your brain, but rather with your heart. Sit knee to knee with the one you love, and peer into your relationship’s wondrous fathoms through your own “glass-bottomed boat.”

standing up

June 1 Solar Eclipse in Gemini: Capture the Howling Wind

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We don’t tend to think of Gemini as a demanding sign, or as one of strong convictions. But the Sabian Symbol for this Gemini Moon offers a portrait of someone who refuses to be subservient. The same message can be seen in the Sun and Moon’s close trine to Saturn at this New Moon: it’s time to claim your authority and to speak up for things that matter. It’s time to take yourself seriously….


Mercury Retrograde: Doublespeak and ticking time bombs

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Last December, Mercury turned retrograde at 6 Capricorn, near Pluto.  At the time, I wrote about Mercury drawing us into the “darker woods” of ugly truths about ourselves and our world. The work of self-examination we did then holds us in good stead today, as Mercury turns retrograde again. This time, Mercury’s turning point is […]

mercury rx darker woods

Mercury retrograde, Pluto, and the darker woods

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mercury rx darker woodsOn Friday, Mercury turns retrograde at 5.58 Capricorn. The Sabian Symbol for 6 Capricorn is, I think, a beautiful and exciting one: “Ten logs lie under an archway leading to darker woods.” The logs can be the things that are blocking your mind, and powers of perception, from seeing the truth. But lay them out in a certain way, and they can also serve as steps that take you deeper into the darker woods.

Mercury is turning retrograde in a conjunction with Pluto and the Moon’s North Node, and the combination is, I think, related to telling some ugly truths – about yourself, about your world. Sometimes loss and shock and grief open up channels of communication that can’t be opened any other way.


Full Moon in Scorpio: While You’re Making Other Plans

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The Sabian Symbol for this Scorpio Full Moon is “A dentist is hard at work,” and I think it speaks eloquently to the deep, difficult, often painful nature of Scorpio and its ruling planet, Pluto. I started going to dentists at the age of five, and I’ve never feared them. I’ve been fascinated by the […]


First Quarter Moon: Get Paddling

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At the Quarter Moon phase, the Sun and Moon form a scratchy square (90 degrees) aspect with each other; it’s an uncomfortable aspect, symbolizing the unconscious mind at odds with conscious will. But squares do tend to propel us forward in a way that easy aspects don’t.  Conflict with others – as well as unresolved […]