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“Kill! Crush! Destroy!” – and, a book giveaway!

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A free copy of my book Star Guide to Weddings to the first commenter who (a) correctly identifies the original source of the quotation in the title of this post – AND (b) can correctly identify the transit-to-natal aspect that’s making me want to wreak havoc on an unsuspecting populace today. For I am KENTZILLA! […]


Jupiter 1, Saturn 0.

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It’s a function of my striving, discontented, and cantankerous disposition that I generally ignore pleasant transiting aspects to my chart (and for that matter – and to their disappointment – my clients’ charts). I tend to focus on what’s uncomfortable, on whatever isn’t working; basically, if it’s not a conjunction, a square, or on opposition […]

That buzzing sensation

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The fizzy, buzzing, panicky, electromagnetic atmosphere of recent days can be chalked up to the impending Saturn/Uranus opposition (exact on November 4 – Lynn Hayes offers her usual insightful examination of this opposition beginning here). Expect an extra spark of frisson today, tomorrow (Moon in Virgo, conjoined Saturn and opposed Uranus) – those who have […]



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Yesterday’s Mars/Saturn conjunction docked just a degree and a half away from my natal Pluto, and I’ve spent the last two days … trapped. – Trapped by my plumber (Pluto!), who has been trying for days to close the deal on relocating our gas water heater from indoors to outdoors. As Joe has found to […]



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I’ve been sorting through marriage surveys for a few weeks now, running transits, secondary progressions, and solar arc directions for each birth chart for the date of marriage and scrutinizing them against a long checklist. Basically, I was curious to see how all the things I’ve ever learned/read/told other people about finding marriage in the […]

New neighbors

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Last May – just a couple of months after my progressed Moon nudged its way into my third house (the house of neighbors) – our beloved next-door neighbor died. Since then, the dear old house next door has been sitting empty, and I imagine it must have been as stunned to lose Mildred – its […]