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This morning, as transiting Jupiter exactly conjoined my 4th house cusp, President Obama signed into a law a health care reform bill that means I may actually be allowed to age in the country of my birth without the threat of financial ruin or the necessity of indentured servitude to an employer who offers insurance. […]

Quick, happy transits

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CAMBRIA — In joyful defiance of Mercury’s aspects (opposed Saturn, square Pluto) we took off on Wednesday for a leisurely drive up the coast. There is a family celebration in Carmel this weekend, but that was just an excuse; we could have flown or something, but this way we’ve got five delicious days away. We […]

Up for a dash to city hall?

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Periodically, I like to feature charts of dates I’ve recommended for weddings, as a sort of addendum to my wedding date tutorial. In doing so, I hope to demonstrate the real-time trade-offs the electional astrologer must make, as well as the mildly neurotic rationalizations she must indulge in to convince herself that it is, indeed, […]

First Quarter Moon: Get Paddling

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At the Quarter Moon phase, the Sun and Moon form a scratchy square (90 degrees) aspect with each other; it’s an uncomfortable aspect, symbolizing the unconscious mind at odds with conscious will. But squares do tend to propel us forward in a way that easy aspects don’t.  Conflict with others – as well as unresolved […]

Roadblocks and shallow water: Sun/Saturn and the Full Moon

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The chart for Sunday’s Full Moon in Sagittarius features a tight t-square between the Sun, Moon, and Saturn, so this morning has a bit more to demonstrate, I think, than the aggravations of a single morning. The Full Moon calls for reflection, and I’m reflecting on this: Where am I pushing too hard for the wrong things or at the wrong time? When is it necessary to push through blockages, and when is it wiser to heed them and wait for an easier moment? And, with the Sun and Moon in the communicative signs Gemini and Sagittarius, when is it time to speak, and when is it better to listen? …

“Kill! Crush! Destroy!” – and, a book giveaway!

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A free copy of my book Star Guide to Weddings to the first commenter who (a) correctly identifies the original source of the quotation in the title of this post – AND (b) can correctly identify the transit-to-natal aspect that’s making me want to wreak havoc on an unsuspecting populace today. For I am KENTZILLA! […]

Jupiter 1, Saturn 0.

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It’s a function of my striving, discontented, and cantankerous disposition that I generally ignore pleasant transiting aspects to my chart (and for that matter – and to their disappointment – my clients’ charts). I tend to focus on what’s uncomfortable, on whatever isn’t working; basically, if it’s not a conjunction, a square, or on opposition […]

That buzzing sensation

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The fizzy, buzzing, panicky, electromagnetic atmosphere of recent days can be chalked up to the impending Saturn/Uranus opposition (exact on November 4 – Lynn Hayes offers her usual insightful examination of this opposition beginning here). Expect an extra spark of frisson today, tomorrow (Moon in Virgo, conjoined Saturn and opposed Uranus) – those who have […]