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Essential Guide to Practical Astrology

Book review contest: Yes, it’s bribery

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In case you didn’t catch it in my most recent mailing, on Facebook, or on Twitter, I’m running a promotion in a gesture of blatant bribery to encourage reviews of my new book The Essential Guide to Practical Astrology. BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING ELSE, read the details on this page! Basically, review the book on […]

Astrologer Donna Cunningham

Retrograde Planets Excerpt from EG to Practical Astrology at Skywriter

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Donna Cunningham is one of my favorite astrologers. Her books – especially “Healing Pluto Problems” and “Being a Lunar Type in a Solar World” – had a huge influence on me when I began studying astrology seriously and preparing to go pro. Her blog, Sky Writer, is a marvel – hundreds of useful posts and […]


New Look

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To celebrate 11 years of Big Sky Astrology, we’re sporting a brand new look! Huge thanks go to fabulous design diva Tzaddi Gordon of ThriveWire, for her creative inspiration, beautiful work, and patient professionalism. After 12 years as a confirmed do-it-myselfer (with an occasional assist from my awesome spouse), I was more than ready for […]



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In 1992 I went to my first UAC conference. For the uninitiated, the United Astrological Congress is sponored by three of the biggest astrological organizations, NCGR, ISAR, and AFAN, and is usually held every three years or so. It’s like Woodstock or the Academy Awards for astrologers, with an international faculty and astrologers from all […]

Guest segment on The Astrology Show with Jessica Adams

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If you haven’t discovered Jessica Adams’ free podcast The Astrology Show, you’re missing a treat. Each month, Jessica and co-hosts Adam Smith and Neil Spencer serve up “outer space for your inner ear,” covering a lively range of astrological topics. Tune in to their double edition, year-end show for a fascinating conversation about the astrology […]

Join me and SDAS for a fun-filled night of … marketing.

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Join me and the San Diego Astrological Society on Friday, November 12, at 7:30 p.m. as I present a lecture on “Using Your Birth Chart to Market Yourself: How astrology can help you do what you’re good at for people you like.” To the typical astrologer, marketing sounds off-putting—too calculated, too crassly commercial. But guess […]


Remember that marriage survey?

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A couple of years ago, many of you were kind enough to participate in my survey about marriage. The results of the project can be found in my article “When Will I Get Married?”, which appears in the Aug/Sep 2010 issue of The Mountain Astrologer magazine. I share the top five astrological significators of marriage, […]