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Full Moon in Scorpio: In the Belly of a Duck

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Prosperity is a dance you must do with the unseen forces of the collective. The money you hope to attract has to come from other people. And the minute you demonstrate a willingness to accept help from the collective, the oppressive weight of trying to earn a living is immediately cut in half. There’s no shame in letting others carry you part of the way along your journey….

Spring: Faces of Mars

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Loss and savagery, failure and ruthlessness, cruelty and hurt come to us inevitably as a natural consequence of Mars energy in the world — the price paid for progress — and we lose our innocent Aries enthusiasm soon enough; but over time it is broken down into the rich, emotional loam of Scorpio, from which beautiful things grow….

The Moon and Your Business: Who is Your Ideal customer?

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Ideal customers are the ones who are the natural audience for what you have to offer, the ones who love what you do. How can you find more of these marvelous people? In your chart, the Moon represents your natural relationship with the public – specifically, with your ideal customer, the person who will be naturally drawn to your story, and with whom you’ll feel comfortable.

The signs of the zodiac

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Signs of the Zodiac The signs of the zodiac, usually simply referred to as signs, are by far the most recognizable symbols of astrology. They represent the characteristics of 12 archetypal personalities that are based on the zodiac (from the Greek, “circle of animals”). The zodiac is a band of 12 constellations (groups of fixed […]

Full Moon in Pisces: Dancing with the Leaves

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Which is more important: results, or process? At this Full Moon, the Sun in Virgo argues for efficiency and results. But across the zodiacal wheel, the fully illuminated Moon in the opposite sign, Pisces, makes the case for enjoying the process of life. For dancing with the leaves and having an absolutely wonderful time….

New Moon Astrology: Beginnings

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Astrology works because moments in time, like seeds, contain the prescription for what they will become. But even gardeners and farmers, with a wisdom borne of years negotiating with nature, acknowledge that all the planning and care and preparation in the world won’t ensure the outcome of their crops. Nature and life have a way of surprising us….