When the MOON is in Libra

See the column to the right for today’s Moon sign. This text is for days when the Moon is in Libra.

  • Today’s Question: “What is it like to be someone else?”
  • Today’s Gods: Venus, goddess of love, justice, and fertility.
  • Today’s Guides: other people, especially females; public relations, beauty industry, and retail workers; diplomats; artists, designers, and musicians.
  • Celebrity Docents: Groucho Marx, John Lennon, Linda McCartney, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Madeline Kahn, Truman Capote, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, Gore Vidal, Pres. Jimmy Carter, Eleanor Roosevelt, Johnny Carson.
  • Today’s assignments: gain perspective on yourself through collaboration with others. Play nice.

As its symbol – the scales – suggests, balance is the key to understanding Libra. In any situation, Libra instinctively notes which side of the scales is too heavily weighted and then jumps to the other side to balance things out. The nastier the mood of the room, the sweeter Libra is apt to be. But when confronted with an atmosphere laden with cloying sentiment and excessive politeness, Libra won’t hesitate to balance them with acerbic observations and irreverence. So if your Libran friend receives a gooey, glucose-elevating invitation to your baby shower, don’t be surprised if she shows up wearing a little black cocktail dress and bearing a gift that is not at all sweet, but should definitely help you get your sex life back on track after baby is born.

Libra is the sign of the musician, of harmony. The musical temperament is disposed to balancing heartfelt lyrics with jarring melody, sweet tunes with dissonant harmonies; while the Moon is in Libra, we’re all musicians, instinctively soothing volatile situations and instigating trouble when things have gotten tame. When we find the perfect partner to provide the harmony to our melody, like Libran Gillian Welch and David Rawlings, the result is magic: