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skyYour birth chart, sometimes called the natal chart, is the astrological map of your life’s character and promise. Each element of your birth – the day, the year, the time, the place – refines your astrological portrait.  Put them all together and the result is a unique portrait of your personal characteristics, motivations, goals, dreams, and talents.

About the author

Steven ForrestSteven Forrest is the author of several astrological bestsellers, including The Inner Sky and most recently, The Book of the Moon. His work has been translated into a dozen languages. He leads an active astrological apprenticeship program, as well maintaining a busy private astrological practice. He lives in Borrego Springs, California.

Sky Within Report

It might surprise you to learn that astrologers visit other astrologers for chart readings. It’s rather like an artist painting a self-portrait versus being interpreted on canvas by a master of the craft. When I feel like getting my astrological “portrait” painted, Steven Forrest is at the top of my list of favored artists.

In this 15+ page, automated report, Steven explores your birth chart with the wisdom and insight that have attracted thousands of people from all walks of life to read his books, get a reading with him, or study with him. It’s a simple report, but powerful and affirming.

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