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astrology marketing reportThe minute you apply for a job, ask for a date, or try to get someone to pay attention to your products and services, you’re in the marketing business. This 40+ page workbook and lecture teaches you to use your chart to figure out what you’re good at, who you should be working with, how to set meaningful goals, and how to find your niche.Details & Ordering Info!

Eclipse Report

astrology eclipse reportFollowed by a Moonshadow is a 40+ page report examining eclipse patterns in your natal chart. Includes three years of eclipse aspects to planets in your birth chart, house placements, and the prenatal eclipse point. Learn how to follow these dramatic, little-explored eclipse cycles in your own life, with a “Followed by a Moonshadow” eclipse report.Details & ordering info!

Wedding Date

Wedding Date Astrology WorkshopWith this 28-page workbook and video series, the process of choosing your wedding date with astrology has never been easier! Based on my wildly popular online tutorial, the Wedding Date Workshop is expanded, refined, and better than ever! If you know some astrology but just need a little hand-holding, this is the perfect way to choose your date!
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Steven Forrest
Reports Bundle!

astrology birth chart and major trends reportWhat challenges and opportunities await you in the coming year? Steven Forrest‘s “Sky Log” is a comprehensive transits & progressions report that offers an inspiring – and affordable! – glimpse of current and future trends in your chart. Order Sky Log and get the Sky Within natal report FREE!Details & ordering info!

“Sky Within”
Natal Report

astrology birth chart reportIn this 15+ page report, beloved astrologer Steven Forrest explores your birth chart with his trademark wisdom and insight. Caring, intuitive, and written in plain English, this report is the perfect introduction to the poetry of your birth chart.
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Solar Return

your solar return
Your birthday chart describes your entire year! Expert Mary Shea’s report explores your solar return chart, cast for the moment the Sun returns to its place in your birth chart. Celebrate each birthday with this insightful,
40+ page report! Details & ordering info!

“5 Steps to
Fear-Free Eclipses”

eclipse-ebookNo need to hide in a cave until the eclipses pass. Figure out what they’re trying to teach you! This short, amusing guide gives an excellent overview to using eclipses like an astrological ninja.Details & ordering info!

When Will I
Get Married?

astrologymarriageForget what the books say – which astrological factors are really present when people marry? My short e-book brings you answers to one of the questions astrologers hear the most!Details & ordering info!


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