Scorpio Lunar Eclipse: Snake in the Grass, Dragon in the Heart

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paradiseMy mom, a robustly optimistic Sun in Taurus person, was fond of saying that it’s the bad times in life that make us appreciate the good ones. That’s a fine theory; but a certain amount of Moon/Pluto, Neptune in Scorpio skepticism persuaded me early on that bad times can, in fact, taint the good ones – by making us distrustful, jaded, and regretful.

Consider Adam and Eve.

They are naked and happy in the Garden of Eden. All is beautiful and serene. Laissez les bon temps roulez!

Enter a serpent – a nasty snake in the grass – that tempts them with forbidden fruit. Adam and Eve succumb to temptation, leading to their expulsion from the Garden, awareness of their nakedness, and introducing humanity to the concepts of sin and death (and inevitably, “Project Runway”).

Relatively speaking, the rest of their lives were probably something of a let-down.

Who is your serpent?

We’re born Adam or Eve, naked and usually pretty happy, I imagine, though my memory of the event is sketchy. There is that unpleasant business of getting through the birth canal, but quickly enough you’re snuggled up to some soft, friendly person and given something to drink. You’re in Eden.

And, being Eden, life will introduce you at some point to a snake in the grass. Something that tempts you with a luscious and forbidden treasure. Something that leads you to realize you’re naked, possibly sinful, and that the garden of beauty and love and innocence that you’ve called home is lost to you forever.

For young women, this serpent often takes the form of a young man who is charming, crafty, and clever. He knows just how to lead you into temptation and engineer your downfall.

For instance, according to evolutionary biologist and Harvard professor Steven Pinker,

“The most desirable man of all, in many woman’s eyes, is ‘tough-tender’ – nice to her, aggressive with everyone else.”

It’s a pretty irresistible apple when a good-looking, venomous serpent shows you his sweet side. You feel incredibly special. You will do anything to ensure a steady supply of these apples!

Before you know what hit you, your family is threatening to disinherit you, your friends won’t return your calls, and there are fang marks all over your body.

That’s a nasty serpent. Some of us are still pretty young when he arrives on the scene and leaves with our innocence.

There are nastier serpents, though, and sometimes they arrive when we’re even younger. Serpents who tempt us, boys and girls alike, with toys or candy or games, and then handle us in a way that makes us feel dirty. Serpents who rustle through the grass, hardly detectable until they suddenly leap from a bush and bite you.

And the next thing you know, you’ve been expelled from the Garden. The world isn’t so pretty or benign anymore, not so safe or secure. Your eyes have been opened to your nakedness and vulnerability. You’ve been tricked and made to feel foolish. You’ve been told your natural state is an abomination, and told it in such a convincing way that you kind of believe it.

Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio: A serpent in your garden

This Full Moon is a lunar eclipse in Scorpio. And while there is nothing intrinsically evil or unreliable about the Scorpion, it is the sign of secrets, temptations, and mysteries – and those are the things that our serpents like to use to ensnare us.

So this is an eclipse that tends to present you with either a choice to eat forbidden fruit, or the consequences of having already eaten it. Sleeping with the married lover, or realizing the lover you’ve slept with is married. Lying to a friend about something that really matters, or perhaps discovering such a lie.

There is an opportunity in this eclipse, though, that’s characteristic of eclipses in general and Scorpio eclipses in particular. It’s the opportunity to transform yourself into something even more formidable than a crafty serpent: a fire-breathing dragon. Dragons are wise, magical, and supernaturally adept. And here’s the good part:  legend has it that they taught humans how to speak.

Scorpio’s greatest gifts are the ability to perceive what others can’t see, and the bravery to speak out about it. Scorpio energy in its lowest expression is a cunning snake in the grass, but Scorpio energy in its highest expression is a dragon.

Lunar eclipses fell near this degree in April 1986 and April 2005. You met the serpent then; possibly, it helped engineer a fall from grace, your expulsion from the Garden. (Where are you likely to stumble across your serpent? The house of your chart where 5.46 degrees Scorpio falls. If you’re not sure how to find it, this blog post  should help.)

Did you show that serpent how a dragon behaves when threatened? Did you shout and hiss and drive it out? Did you breathe fire and call the National Enquirer to blow the whistle on that serpent’s ass? (Note to self for further research: Do serpents have asses?)

Well, here’s your chance. Because there is a snake rustling through the grasses of your garden. Something that wishes you ill, that wants you to fail, or just some free-floating spirit of malevolence that takes an impersonal delight in seeing a good person brought low.

The work of this lunar eclipse is to stare that serpent down. To summon every unshakable, sensible, life-affirming impulse you possess. To call on that dragon you carry around, just behind your breastbone – the one that breathes fire, straight from your heart.

© 2013 by April Elliott Kent

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31 Responses to “Scorpio Lunar Eclipse: Snake in the Grass, Dragon in the Heart”

  1. Catherine

    OOH! And ouch! Here we go! April 1986…a divorce! April 2005…A message that a big “Tornado” was coming!!! Unfortunately I didn’t acknowledge this message as a devastating and “real” message…Katrina came and changed my entire life landscape! Phew! I better grab Toto, and find the Wizard in advance…I recently had a dream two days in a row of Hurricanes….This may be yet another interesting eclipse year for me.
    It’s going to be a great fight with me and my Dragon vs the Serpent!!!! Thanks for a great heads up!

    • April

      Hang on tight to that Dragon, Catherine! They’re fearsome looking creatures, but it’s always good to have one on your side.

  2. Steve

    This is good to read, because I am in this position. Having been flattened by something, I spent my recovery time trying to work out how that happened. As far as I can see, it mostly comes down to one individual (although weirdly another two seemed to perform the same role during times that I’d escaped the primary antagonist) who pounded me relentlessly until I caved. I take full responsibility, it is my own fault for caving, but as I try to put my life back together, I know there’s no damn way I’m going to let that happen again!

    • April

      Thank you, Steve… this Saturn in Scorpio has been like a steamroller for a lot of people, I think. Sending you supportive cheers from the sidelines as you put it all back together!

  3. LB

    Thanks April, for the additional info on prior eclipses; it was *very* enlightening looking back! The one in April of 1986 was conjunct my Neptune-Mercury-Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio in the 2nd/3rd. Its impact was definitely very significant in that it ushered in a series of realizations which led to several life-changing decisions. I was younger then and my inner dragon was more impetuous, having not yet developed the serpent-like awareness needed to navigate the world.

    Without having the security of another job, I quit my job managing an *insurance* agency (my previous Scorpio profession) because I felt disrespected and unfulfilled (Mercury rules my Ascendant and MC). I also made the difficult decision to end a live-in romantic relationship with someone who didn’t share my values (Neptune rules my Descendant) but because I was without funds, had to move back home when I moved out (Jupiter rules my IC). It took several months for me to figure out what I wanted to do with my life and for some of my worst suspicions to finally be confirmed – in a *big* way.

    I quickly gobbled up M. Scott Peck’s “The Road Less Traveled” and “People of the Lie” – both books helped me to make sense of what I’d experienced and to learn from my disillusionment. The upcoming eclipse is conjunct these very same astrological points, so who knows what surprises it will hold for me. Life is a journey, that’s for sure.:)

    • Caryl

      Yes, I can really relate to your circumstances. I, also, picked up Peck’s “The Road Less Traveled” recently and found it much more relevant and meaningful than when I read it originally. I have never read “People of the Lie,” so I plan to take a look at it.
      Thank you, April, for your excellent writing and comments on LIFE.

      • April

        Thank you, Caryl. Also, I read “People of the Lie” many years ago and remember liking it quite a lot.

        • LB

          Caryl and April – It’s been many years now since I read them. After reading this post, I’m thinking now may be a good time for *me* to give them both another read. If I remember correctly, what I most appreciated about “People of the Lie” was that it gave me permission to look beyond the ‘nice’ facade we’re taught to value. We miss so much when we try to deny the significance of those subtle clues that offer us a deeper glimpse into people’s characters.

          April, your Neptune is exactly conjunct my Jupiter and just a few degrees from my Mercury and Neptune.:) Thanks again for this great post!

  4. Lynda Hill

    Spot on, April, as always. Totally on target in so many ways. I’ll spare you the details, but you could have written the above for me. Not an easy eclipse. Oh, and there literally are snakes in my garden, and goannas, water dragons and a few other reptiles, along with wallabies, loads of birds, bats, frogs, toads… jeez, sounds a bit like a witch’s brew! xx

    • April

      Was just thinking of you the other day, Lynda… I was at the cemetery where we visited Elsie. I couldn’t make it over to see her when I was there, but I thought of you and sent a salute from across the rolling hills. xoxo

      • Lynda Hill

        Hey April – how lovely that you were nearby Elsie’s resting place. Thanks for thinking about me. I have just read through your post again – it is so totally apt. Jeez. I have the snake bites to prove it. xx

  5. LB

    After leaving my previous comment, I returned to my big Spring-cleaning project. In an amazing bit of synchronicity, I went to sort through some old papers and immediately ran across a small scrap of paper with the words “Dragon Heart” scribbled below someone’s name and number. Ordinarily I would’ve tossed it, but because of your post (and because I didn’t recall who it was), I googled it. Let’s just say I’m glad I didn’t toss it – the ‘message’ it contained was very specific and very validating. It’s spooky in a good way.

      • LB

        Glad I read your post! Even my normally unimpressed husband (Scorpio with Taurus Rising) thought it was pretty wild considering its significance.

  6. Carol Hubbard

    April, how do we know which house of our chart this eclipse in Scorpio will affect? Is it the one in our natal chart that’s in Scorpio? Or … ? (Thanks.)

    • April

      Sorry Carol – I forgot to include that! It’s the house where 5.46 Scorpio falls in your house. If you’re not sure how to find that, this blog post should help.

  7. Jennifer

    Things make much more sense now! I am almost done student teaching and one of my cooperating teachers has been ‘difficult’ from the very beginning but has been much worse the past couple of weeks. There is no chance of me securing a teaching position there so, I know she does not feel her job is threatened. I know several students said they did not want me to go. That I was strict with them but not mean and she is mean. I may never know but yesterday was the first day I did not back down. I spoke firmly and respectfully when she behaved rudely. I AM a dragon. 🙂

  8. Marcia

    You have no idea of how many snakes have been stared down since your article…

  9. Kelly Knox

    Wow…I have Neptune, Mars, and my Sun in Scorp in the first house. Neptune at 7, Mars at 14 and the Sun at 18. In 86 my ex had an affair and in 05 I closed a business…don’t even want to think about this one…

    • April

      I hear you, Kelly. Watching eclipse cycles can be a little frightening because they’re pretty powerful. But I’ve found even my hairiest cycles are getting tamer as I get older, thank goodness, and I hope it will be the same for you. (We must be close in age; my Neptune is at 8 Scorpio… and this is definitely feeling like a Neptuney eclipse so far!)

  10. Carrie

    Long time reader, first time commenter. I LOVE your take on the eclipses April, thank you so much!

    I’m feeling this one already. My pluto is at 4 scorp, 5th house, creating a delightful grand trine with my sun at 5 cancer and my moon at 9 pisces.

    On the 2005 eclipse, I got together with the boy who went on to be the first major love of my life. We met back on the solar eclipse of Oct 2004. He was all sorts of not so good for me, but it was quite an exhilirating ride while we were together and he taught me a lot about assertion, standing up for myself and being a ‘dragon’. Funnily enough, I met another charming young man back on the Nov 2012 solar eclipse and things are building. Will absolutely channel my inner dragon on this one!

    The April 86 eclipse was the last eclipse before I was born. April, have you noticed in your experience whether or not prenatal eclipses affect people? It would be interesting to investigate I imagine.

  11. Liz Verran

    It’s on my birthday! I’m so glad that my solar return is today, with the Moon in
    Libra, otherwise it would set my whole year. As it is, I shall have that frustrating Mars Saturn opposition on my Natal Sun. I am hoping to retire early this autumn and have already been frustrated as this should have happened last year. I so don’t want another year of grinding my wheels getting nowhere. Roll on my redundancy notice with a nice payoff!

  12. Zane Maser

    Thanks, April, for such an insightful take on this Lunar eclipse. Interesting that it is also a Chinese “Water Dragon” year. I’ve stared a few inner dragons down this past week and a drunken, verbally abusive neighbor!! To answer that burning scientific question, snakes do not have asses. They have a “cloaca,” just like the birds, and its purpose is to expel both the urine and the shit. Pretty appropriate…

  13. Zane Maser

    Yikes, I’m a Chinese Year behind! This is the Year of the “Black Water Snake,” and I even wrote about both of them! In their shared element of water, I must have been in a murky muddle and got my dragons and snakes mixed up!

  14. Lucy

    Hey April, I read this a couple of days ago and thought ‘can’t imagine anything will happen to me’… How I underestimated this eclipse! Went off to London to meet someone about a job and mooch about Soho. Came face-to-face with my very own ‘snake’, which came hissing up in my face in the otherwise ordinary surroundings of a sunlit public square. And so ‘Scorpionic’ – my ‘snake’ is the temptation to give in to jealousy of hot/hip women. Not women I know, so much as anyone youngish with shiny, flicky hair, the ability to look gorgeous, a ‘creative’ career and the ability to wear heels as if they feel no pain at all. I.e. 50% of women in Soho… and I realised I have ruined every romantic relationship through this jealousy/fear, by effectively trying to simultaneously stick like glue to the man in question (often trying to become ‘a pea in a pod’ version of him) whilst feeling that he could never love me when the city contains all these amazing woman (my competition!!)… not surprisingly, they then ditch me for someone less intense! At the point when the eclipse was exact (for London) I was wailing to my mum about all of the above… Looked at my chart the night before and had written ‘something to do with self-image, hidden stuff and Venus’. When I doubt astrology, it sometimes bites back! Your snake/temptation thing feels so spot on…. and I did stare it down – by facing it head on, and then taking steps to claim back my own power in the situation. Thank you so much for your wonderful blog! And apologies this is a bit of a wordy comment…

  15. D.Raven

    Thank you April as always for your eloquent writings.
    I have Mars and Jupiter conjunct in the twelfth. Needless to say my back resembles swiss cheese.The eclipse brought on another attack. I’m always blindsided, and standing with an open heart.
    Moon oppose Sun and the accompanying Saturn was an authority figure. With heavy transits.
    I have been working on this my whole life, I truly wish,
    I could heal this.
    Many Blessings always!

  16. brenda

    April 1986 first time I met my exhusband. Madly in love. April 2005 over and done. Last lie ever delivered from his lips to mine. Reading your article, he was the snake … omg


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