Sagittarius Full Moon: I Married an Alien!

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My sister and I enjoy chuckling over pictures from our childhood, which invariably feature me looking up at the sky, distracted, as if awaiting the return of my mother ship. Who knows, maybe I was; born with Sagittarius, the sign of the foreigner, on the Ascendant of my chart, part of me has always felt that I was born in the wrong place, the wrong century, perhaps even in the wrong solar system.

From an early age, even my taste in men spanned multiple time zones. While my sister’s tastes in Tiger Beat magazine teen idols ran along the decidedly American lines of Bobby Sherman and Donny Osmond, I strongly preferred wispy English boys with cute accents. Years later, I spent a good deal of my twenties in a thoroughly impractical and ultimately doomed relationship with a much-older Scotsman; I suspect that his fetching brogue was responsible for 80% of my attraction.

So it came as a surprise to absolutely no one close to me when the man I eventually decided to marry turned out to be from a different country. It makes complete sense that my closest relationship is with someone whose green card thrillingly classifies him as a “Permanent Resident Alien.”

Yes…I married an alien! My husband hails not from Mars but from New Zealand, a smallish country in the South Pacific renowned for its magical scenery, abundant sheep, and Hobbits. Not that I knew anything about it when I met him—and that, of course, was a huge point in his favor. As far as I knew, he came from an entirely different world, and that was interesting to me. Fortunately, after more than two decades together, it still is.

Which is a bit surprising, since—despite a Sagittarius rising sign and a lot of planets in the 9th house of “Long Journeys Over Water”—there is nothing exotic about me whatsoever. I’m from Indiana, possibly the least exotic place on earth. I pretty much hang out in the kinds of places, with the sorts of people, and doing the types of stuff that would seem completely unsurprising to anyone who met me. I have visited a few foreign countries, but I’m actually not that fond of long distance travel. I am wary of unfamiliar foods and am mildly afraid of visiting a country where English is not the native tongue.

But within each of us, a stealth Sagittarian cell seeks the kind of experiences that expand the tiny parameters of our realities. It’s my Stealth Sagittarian who enjoyed sampling a couple of foreign languages in college, whose favorite film of all time is in German, and who married a guy from the other side of the world.

Your Stealth Sagittarius demands the freedom to create a life that’s uniquely yours. It is the part of you that is unsatisfied with having only a tiny bit of the world, and is greedy for a huge slice of it. No one, not even the most confirmed hermit, is exempt from this Sagittarian lust for a life that is more, that is bigger and freer. (In fact, Jupiter’s traditional exaltation in Cancer reminds us that a nourishing home base is best used not as a hiding place, but as a springboard to growth, exploration, and self-sufficiency.)

Like a summer road trip, the Sagittarius Full Moon carries a soupçon of joyful rebelliousness and a rowdy spirit of adventure. It invites you to survey your life for signs that any part of it has grown cramped or cluttered, or any hint that your freedom to express yourself has been denied. (For clues, look to the Sagittarius house(s) or planets in your chart. This blog post might help.) In those cramped quarters where your life has grown too small, or where you’re asking too little of yourself, you should be feeling good and restless about now.

So, shake things up. Open your mind, and challenge your comfort zone. Reach out for something new, something more. Dream bigger. Raise your eyes skyward at this Full Moon, and keep careful watch. Something exciting could be headed your way—maybe even an alien of your very own!

© April Elliott Kent

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14 Responses to “Sagittarius Full Moon: I Married an Alien!”

  1. karen cowlishaw

    can you share the title of your fave movie? i’m always on the look-out for recommendations to GOOD movies 🙂 thanks and thank you for your sag insights, MUCH appreciate reading them!!

    • April

      Thank you, Karen! That would be Wings of Desire (Der Himmel über Berlin). Warning: it is slow and nonlinear and poetic, and most people I’ve tried to share it with have been hopelessly bored. But those who like it, really love it! 🙂

      • Dawna

        I also love Wings of Desire and have a Sag rising with lots of planets in my ninth house. May explain why I enjoy your posts so much.

      • Les

        I love that movie! I saw it when it was released. I remember coming out of the theater feeling like the world had changed, looking at and experiencing everything differently, at least for a bit of time. 🙂

        • Les

          By the way, I thought I would hate the American remake with Nick Cage and Meg Ryan, but it won me over as an alternative version. However, nobody has a more beatific smile than Bruno Ganz. And they couldn’t really replace Peter Falk.

  2. Coral

    Not only do I have a Sagittarius sun but it’s squarely placed in the 9th house along with Mars, Mercury and Venus, so you guessed it, not only did I marry that foreigner I also moved to his country…first…before even meeting him.
    From South Africa to Italy.
    My Sagittarius sun sister moved from South Africa to New Zealand.
    It’s a beautiful country. It has the highest standard of living in the world, health care, low crime, beautiful landscape and great people. Italy is in a terrible recession, New Zealand has long lists of available jobs, but alas for me it’s too late to consider another move.
    I can’t imagine why you haven’t though…
    Wings of Desire is beautiful 💜
    Thanks for you wonderful writing too. It’s always a pleasure to receive your newsletter.

  3. John

    Thanks, you’ve revealed a bit more about your own horoscope this time, and I can relate. I’ve got Sag Rising, and a ninth house Sun and Saturn (Virgo, both), so I appreciate any and all comments, and observations. This full moon is pretty much exactly square my Sun at 17 degrees Virgo, while my rising’s at 14 degrees Sag. You see then, I’ve kind of been dealing with this sort of square all of my life. I’m no Spring chicken and have had plenty of decades to sort of figure it out, but any additional comments you may have, due to those similarities in our horoscopes, would be not only appreciated, but would be just plain wonderful! ( PS, I love New Zealand, but have never been there.) As you may surmise I have been well around the block a few times as far as our Earth planet is concerned.) The Sag rap certainly rings true with me, but that’s only half the story. The photos from my childhood with siblings tell a different kind of story, lol.

  4. Jackie Squires

    I’m a Sag rising with a lot of planets in my 9th house AND I live in Indiana!! I would love to meet a person with a similar astrological signature to me!

  5. janu964

    I’m from Indiana and I agree that it could be “the least exotic place on earth.”

  6. Nan

    Sag 2* MC Sag 27* 11th house. Love everything foreign. Study 7 languages. Love travel. Love truth and justice. Scorpio s node in 9th.

  7. Charis

    Your site is very interesting – but I had to laugh, as I was born in Fort Wayne…and I married an alien too! Perhaps we are astro-twins.

    I will be back…thanks for your thoughtful (and thought- provoking) work!

  8. Tanene K.

    Ouch….full moon on my soul/ascendant. Yes, crabby. Intuition at high point; however in speaking out my insights or investigating a possible breech in someone’s integrity, I am being described as ‘rude’. Feel like women in DC legislation being told to be ‘polite.’ Living small….ready and needing to be rebellious. Much thanks April for your insights.


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