Wedding Date Workshop


The best date to say “I do”!

Over the years, many readers have thanked me for my free online wedding date tutorial. But some have said the process still felt a little beyond their grasp.

The Wedding Date Workshop updates and expands on my simple-to-follow process for choosing the best possible date for your wedding.

If you know some astrology but could still use a little guidance in choosing your own wedding date, this workshop is designed to take you through the process step-by-step. With a workbook, worksheets, checklists, tables, and videos to guide you, your best wedding date is just a few clicks away!

You’ll get:

  • A 28-page workbook with step-by-step instructions
  • Tips, checklists, and sample worksheet
  • Helpful tables of Mercury and Venus retrograde dates, good Venus signs and aspects
  • Videos that illustrate some of my best-kept secrets!

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How to Order:

  1. Check out using the Add to Cart button
  2. After paying, I will send you a username and password to access my membership site. This will enable you to log in whenever you like to access the workshop materials.


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YOU ARE MY NEW HERO!!!!!! I cannot believe how AWESOME and SIMPLE you have made election astrology. THANK YOU is not strong enough. Clear, concise, step by step…..Whew! Thank you. – M.L. , Virginia
Level of astrological knowledge needed

Intermediate to Professional Level. You should understand astrology’s basics, including being able to identify planetary aspects, to get the most from this workshop. If you’re an astrological newbie, ask me for a referral to a colleague who is currently offering a wedding date electional service (as of November 2017, I am not)!