The May 25 Lunar Eclipse and Relationships

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tweedlesCertainly, eclipses falling in your 7th house or in aspect to natal Venus or your 7th house ruler are signs that your relationship world is likely to be rocked by change. But lunar eclipses, by virtue of the Sun and Moon being in opposing signs (symbolizing self and other), all represent – to some extent – critical moments in evaluating relationships.

For those who aren’t in a romantic relationship, or are in one that isn’t going well, eclipses might well mark times of finding or ending a romance. But what if you’re in a romantic relationship or partnership and it’s going just fine? Your union may come through these eclipses intact and strong, with only a few long-delayed adjustments. If the rest of your birth chart bears this out, however – and especially if this year’s eclipses are impacting those sensitive relationship areas I mentioned above – you may well find that your happy relationship isn’t as secure as it seemed.

On the other hand, romantic partnerships are not the only relationships in our lives (just the ones we’re most likely to be obsessed about). What about the 99.999% of the relationships in our lives that don’t involve yearning looks across a crowded room or intimate physical contact? What might the upcoming lunar eclipse have to say about the ordinary human connections among family members, friends, colleagues, and casual acquaintances? Here are some thoughts:

If you are born with the Sun or Ascendant (especially within 0-8 degrees of the sign) in:

  • Aries or Libra – The May 25 Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius (Sun in Gemini) suggests the relationships most likely to be impacted for you are those with friends and associates, including: creative and political allies, your children and pets, those with whom you share love (or at least attraction) at first sight, fans of your work, and fellow members of community, fraternal, or trade organizations.
  • Taurus/Scorpio – Here’s where things are likely to get a little sexy, because the relationships most likely to be impacted by these eclipses are those involving money, security, shared resources, and physical and/or psychological intimacy – including your therapist, your financial manager, and, yes, the person/persons who share your bed.
  • Gemini/Sagittarius -Yours are the signs most likely to experience critical transitions in your romantic partnerships, closest friendships, and business collaborators. You may begin a new relationship, leave one that isn’t working, or make important changes in an ongoing relationship. There’s also the matter of the relationship you have with yourself….
  • Cancer/Capricorn – Look for charged relationships with co-workers, those in charge of your health care, service animals (back off, Fido!), and those with whom you have an unequal relationship (for instance, those whom you admire, but who don’t return your affection – or your phone calls).
  • Leo/Aquarius -  The relationships most likely to be impacted by these eclipses are those involving neighbors, siblings, teachers, and spiritual leaders.
  • Virgo/Pisces – This eclipse suggests changes in your home and heart, and in your career direction. Where are you coming from – and where are you headed? Relationships especially subject to crisis and review are those between parents and children, between bosses and employees, and any relationship in which one person has more status than the other.

For more thoughts about eclipses in your chart, visit my eclipse astrology page for articles and information about my exclusive eclipse report, Followed by a Moonshadow!

31 Responses to “The May 25 Lunar Eclipse and Relationships”

  1. Lucy

    Oh, April, you have no idea. An eclipse in my 7th, and Pluto, falling on a pretty loaded T-square- not to mention that the North Node is very quickly approaching my 7th as well? I have a feeling the next year is going to be a series of painful psychic defloration attempts as far as relationships are concerned. And not in a good way, in a Catherine Breillat kind of way.

  2. Michele

    Wow! I am taking my father the day before this eclipse for a “review” by the DMV. They have revoked his license and he wants to fight for it in front a panel. My feeling is, unfortunately he won’t get it. I have 0 degrees Virgo MC and Pisces IC. He is a Pisces, though a late one. This will definitely put a tilt on our relationship as I will most likely have to take the car away so he does no harm. Oh dear!

    • April

      Oh boy… that sure fits, doesn’t it? Good luck to you both… that is very tricky terrain to navigate gracefully.

  3. Alison

    With a Sag sun and Gemini asc (both at 7 degrees of those signs) looks like I am in for a double dose at this eclipse. Next week is week 3 at a new job so I’m anticipating there may be some significant changes in my responsibilities and relationship with my boss and peers.

    • April

      Wow, so you started your job around the time of the solar eclipse! Why do I get the feeling the job may look very different by the time the Sun crosses your Ascendant a few days after the eclipse?…

      • Alison

        I will definitely be in the spotlight when the sun crosses my asc – first test with a big presentation. That should influence the longer term direction of my job. Of course the sun will also make a lovely square with my Mars and Jupiter in early degrees of Virgo so I’m planning my presentation cautiously.

  4. Les

    Heh. I’m hoping to go for an in-person job interview (already had phone interview) but next week I have to fly out of town to take care of my 85-year-old father, rehabbing from hip surgery. The Sag Moon will be in my 4th house opposite 10th. Of course, Saturn is also transiting my IC (sigh).

  5. Marly K

    Sooo, I’m a Cancer rising. And this one particular editor is not returning my emails. Should I call or noodge him or would that be a bad idea?

    • April

      I think I’d wait and see how the eclipse shakes out, Marly. Who knows where the editor is getting hit?

      • Marly K

        Ah! Thanks. I think I’ll still send out some more short stories this week to other magazines, though, if only to get myself out of this fear-based rut I’m in.

  6. alina

    i have a gem sun and asc and starting tomorrow a dance of make it/break it will start with my 2 years on/off capricorn man with whom i did have an unequal relationship but in the sense inverse to the one u’re implying ….what a week will be!!

  7. Ange

    I don’t really believe in astrology; I’m just here because one of my former grad school professors (April Lindner) included your new book among her favorites on Facebook. If (I was a Leo, I’d believe in astrology, but I’m Virgo, the most boring sign in the zodiac, so I’ve decided it’s fiction.)

    But… I’m afraid of getting laid off soon and being permanently dumped by my on-and-off again boyfriend (who’s a Pisces), so I’m not excited about this lunar eclipse on the 25th. Maybe that’s why I’m procrastinating. The self-sabotage is in the stars! (Even my moon is in Virgo, I think: 9/22/69. I’m doubly Virgo.)

    Congratulations on your new book, btw.

    • April

      I thank you for your congratulations, Ange, and I’m delighted your professor enjoys my book (I recognize her name, so I think I’ve seen her around on Facebook).

      Here’s my take: Astrology is a language. It doesn’t require that we believe anything; we can simply look at it as a set of interesting metaphors about our place in the universe. It’s true, most astrologers entertain the notion that in some mysterious way, we reflect the state of the universe at the time we entered it, and that in our beginnings we can read our potential outcome, much like the picture on a packet of seeds illustrates the potential outcome of its contents. (It doesn’t, however, guarantee the outcome, and neither do astrology’s symbols. Free will and external influences can alter the outcome dramatically.)

      Offer anyone a look at a newspaper published the day they were born, and they’ll probably be pretty interested. Because we *do* feel there’s something important about the moment we entered the world. It says something about us, about the vintage of our grapes, and the discerning consumer can taste it in the wine that we eventually make of ourselves. Astrologers consider the position of the planets to be part of that vintage, not in the sense of being puppet masters working our strings, but just as part of the atmosphere. The planets are a metaphorical, even allegorical language we use to describe a vintage.

      You came into the world a couple of months after man first walked on the Moon, when paradigms were exploding, war was raging, and people of different generations no longer shared the same music or language. Astrologers would call that “a separating Uranus/Pluto conjunction” – a very rare planetary aspect that was exact in the late sixties. We’d say, “God, that was an interesting fucking vintage, let’s look closer.” And we’d see the Sun at the last degree of Virgo, right between Uranus and Pluto, and we’d say, “This is no ordinary Virgo. This is a radical Virgo, a Virgo who was born in quicksand and managed to grab a passing lightning bolt that pulled her out of it.” We would look at the Moon, not in Virgo, but in Aquarius, a very zingy Moon, a Moon of the people, and think, “Here is someone who loves mankind but maybe isn’t so sure about individual people. Here is someone who clings to the lightning bolt for fear of falling backwards into the quicksand.”

      Would we be right? I don’t know. Were Picasso’s paintings “right”? They didn’t look exactly like the subject, but they caught something of the person’s spirit as he saw it. This is how astrologers paint… we may not always locate the literal facts of your biography, but we look to capture something of your spirit.

      Oh, and depending on what time you were born, you may have Venus in oh-so-exciting Leo. :) Thanks for stopping by, Ange, it is much appreciated.

      • Ange

        Well, if I’m a *cool* Virgo, then tell me more! Haha. I think I was born at a quarter to four. 3:45 p.m.

        I’ve always been intrigued by astrology, and I have definitely found Leos to be a Leos, but the only cool Virgos I know of are Chrissie Hynde and Jennifer Egan, both born on September 7 and both heroes of mine.

        Funny coincidence. And I love coincidences in dates, probably because there are so many in my family. Here’s just a couple: my sister was born on my father’s birthday, April 19th, and for some reason, her birth certificate wasn’t filed till May 9th, which was when my father died (eight years later). So both my father’s dates of birth and death appear on my sister’s certificate. [That has nothing to do with astrology, but it’s eerie to look at the document.] And my father’s sister died May 10 and his father died May 11, though not on the same year, thankfully!)

        On a happier note, today is my sister’s wedding anniversary and she’s going to celebrate it with her husband Joe, her four-year-old son who’s named after our dad, Leo (short for Leopoldo) and her baby Asher who will have completed his first lap around the sun this Friday. He was supposed to be born on May 27, but he was a little late. Shame because my brother-in-law was born on his parents’ wedding anniversary. Could have been added on to the pile of coincidences. And there’s lots more surrounding my parents’ wedding anniversary…

        Anyway, it’s 2:27 a.m. and I’m rambling. I hope I haven’t compromised my safety by divulging so many dates. If I have, please delete. Thank you so much for taking the time to answer me at length. I have ordered your book and will receive it between 6/4 and 6/7. I love to read and write poetry (I took a poetry workshop with Dr. Lindner), and so I love metaphors and symbols.

        Also: I got a good review at work on May 24th (not 25th, but close!). And on the 25th, I had a fight with my boyfriend. But now we’re on again. Very dysfunctional, I know. It doesn’t help that we still live together. (And my boyfriend has the same birthday as my oldest childhood friend, March 9.)

        And you have the same name as my favorite professor at St. Joe’s, so it was all meant to be! :-)

        At some point, I will get my reading done. That would be fun. My arms are getting cramped from holding onto the lightening bolt.

  8. Steve

    I like the one for my Aries sun, as I’m planning to get a Chinese takeout from a place where my Scorp sort-of-ex (it’s complicated) works the weekends. Shall be wearing a nicely-fitted purple (moon in Sag) t-shirt, as we’ve always been love-at-first-sight types, and that usually goes some way to melting the ice I’m currently feeling for crimes unspecified (I know what they are). I should probably walk away, but he puts so much effort into appearing to hate me (with his Sun conjunct Pluto intensity) that it’s actually kinda fun, and I’ve really nailed the whole looking-cool thing even when my heart is racing, so it would be a shame to waste it.

    But actually I got your MoonShadow report and I think it’s 4th/10th all the way for me in an almost freaky way. I finished my app on 26th April (right after that eclipse) and submitted it to a fruit-named company for review, they then asked if I’d release it on May 9 so they could they promote it, which we both did, and I made like 6 months money in a week (I can pay my taxes and clear massive credit card debt, yay). This final one might see the release of a crucial bug fix that will stop people emailing me their hatred in their hundreds, with any luck.

    • April

      Wow, Steve – tremendous success! But yes, “hatred in the hundreds” sucks. And sounds very eclipsey. Is it an astrology app? Should we be checking it out?

      • Steve

        Thanks! Yes, it’s been amazing, and certainly the biggest thing to happen in my self-employed career. It’s not an astrology app (I’m just learning about that for fun), but a Mac organizer called Together. I’ve worked on this new version for the last two years (while keeping everything else going), so this is a culmination of all that.

        And I might be overstating the “hatred in hundreds”, the alliteration was irresistible, but I’ve definitely had hundreds of emails, mostly problems (inevitable for new software, unfortunately) and some from quite angry folk. It’s calming down now! *weary face*

  9. KaD

    For the love…my rising sign is ONE degree Gemini. I’m in a three year relationship; not bad but not real happy. Virgo never wants to do anything but sit home with his dog, watch tv, video games. No sex. Can’t leave, don’t have a job. Don’t really want to, he’s not a bad guy. Wish he’s stop acting like a coma patient though.

  10. Carolyn

    Well, being an aquarian and then my ascendant in aries I’m not sure where this is all heading…wish it was a good financial eclipse.

  11. firewoman

    Wow…this falls in my ex’s 7th house! I’m wondering what is in store.
    He rocked my world, he was talking marriage, he was everything I ever wanted.
    Then Uranus/Pluto 2nd square hit, he suddenly broke up with me.

    • yvette

      This also happend to me. I wish to reconcile. We have been seperated for 2 months. I want to try reconcile on the lunar eclipse hoping that it will be the right time.

  12. Corinne

    Wow. My Sun is in Cancer with Virgo rising. Sounds like I should hold on to my hat!

  13. on.the.coast

    I love your blog, April! Thanks for it, though I’m usually a lurker.

    Question – the 25th eclipse is in my 8th, squaring my sun In virgo in the 5th. Also trine my Mars in the 4th.Pluto is conjunct my MC, and Uranus is squaring it.

    I am awaiting a disability claim, final decision should be around the full moon time. Any ideas, since it’s in the 8th? I’m concerned it’ll be rejected due to the eclipse.

  14. yvette

    My ex bf is a picses and I’m virgo. I saw him for the first time since the breakup in 2 months on the 22nd of may. He just pushed me aside like pisces do to sort his life out but it broke me in pieces and my trust in him is gone. Even after all the pain I have forgivin him. When I saw him I went to say goodbuy to let him go but the unexpected haPpend. Love flowed over me. I realized I still love him. I started dating a guy from a dating site a week ago because I felt like all hope was gone and dead reuniting with my ex because for 2 months he has been ignoring me and I went through so much pain. I regret moving on but I did it because I thought hope was gone. In the 2 months I have changed for the better and I think he saw that when I visited for the first time since the break up. I told him I was dating again and then he started asking questions about te new guy. When I wanted to leave he hugged me and sqeezed me. I don’t know if he I regretting that he left me and this confuses me. I’m thinking of seeing him again on the lunar eclipse to see what effect it will have on us. I realized that I love this man till the dead and our connection is still there. Things with the new guy feel strange so I don’t know. Can somebody please advise me if things will be more clearer on the lunar eclipse when I see him again. Can pisces male and virgo female reunite?

  15. Rebecca Walker

    Have been having major sudden disagreements with two (of 3) siblings, dredging up decades-old crap over the last two weeks. All of this pertaining to a sudden deterioration in Mom’s health after two years of long-term struggle. My parents have been living with me and my family, and I am SO wanting to let go of a lot of the hyper-responsible guilt and over-obligation. A big part of me wants to “let go” of really close attachment to and involvement in my family of origin. This all makes sense, I think, since the eclipse degree in Sag falls in my 3rd house. How much of the opposite house–the 9th in Gemini–comes into play here?

    • April

      That sounds incredibly stressful, Rebecca. No wonder you feel like running away from home!

      At a lunar eclipse, the Sun is always in the opposite sign/house from the Moon. That house and sign may represent potential bright spots that we’re temporarily unable to see and appreciate. In the case of the 9th house, it may just be difficult right now to see the “big picture”, focused as you are on putting out various fires on the ground.

      You need perspective and breathing room. It may be difficult, if not impossible, for you to get much of either just now. But even a couple of hours to yourself, away from the situation at home, would be an extra-specially good thing for you on a more or less regular basis. The 9th house – siblings’ spouses or partners, faith-based organizations, universities, books – may point to some resources that could help you make this happen. Take care, Rebecca!

  16. Rebecca

    I’m getting hit like crazy…

    Apr Eclipse, conj Venus (square Jupiter- 7HR)
    early May- conj my Moon (2HR), opposite Uranus (9HR)
    late May- conj Prog Venus (5HR) and Merc (ruler of ASC/IC) and square MC/IC

    Relationship went to a deeper level- there is a chance he is the one, moved home to save money and could be moving again, a lot of short travel for the relationship, new job, new expensive equipment- first professional lens and lighting strobes (you don’t want to know how much they cost…lol), about to graduated with a photography degree, health is getting back on track (back injury)… I think that’s about it… I’m still waiting for more unexpected stuff since my Uranus got triggered. lol.

  17. lori

    I cannot believe the dramas i have had with men the last three weeks. There is a direct theme, they have all tested my boundries, dismissed me and taught me that I can stand up for myself. It has been a wild ride to say the least..

    • lori

      p.s. I thought I was going crazy, but now realize some of the influence (god bless saturn for governing me)
      i am grateful it is slowing down


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