Libra Lunar Eclipse: Go Gently

This Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse at 3.17 Libra is on Wednesday, March 23, 2016, at 5:01 am PDT, 8:01 am EDT, 12:01 m GMT, and 11:01 pm AEDT. Look to the house of your birth chart where 3.17 Libra falls and any natal planets being aspected for more insights into how this eclipse will affect you. 

libra-fmLike a lot of compulsive, driven types, I move a bit roughly through the world. Whether along my career path or on a trip to the supermarket, I focus on the destination and pay scant attention to the journey itself. Down to the smallest gestures, my approach is instinctively direct and graceless. I’m hard on the physical world, breaking, tearing, staining, or chipping nearly everything I touch.

But I have a pet indulgence – spending hours browsing through design blogs and magazines. I enjoy a glimpse into the way others live, their clean, spare, modern spaces, or (especially) their colorful, artfully cluttered bohemian dwellings. I savor small, elegant touches that appear in unexpected places, the gestures of someone who is attentive to each tiny nook and responds to it creatively. There’s something graceful about them, the suggestion that such a person pays attention to each moment instead of rushing to finish line.

I’m seeking an elegant oasis in a world that feels like a pretty rough place. If you’re the kind of person who pushes yourself hard, relying on the off-gassing of harsh self-talk to propel you, it’s especially difficult to live in a world that mirrors this pitiless inner landscape. It’s a very human instinct to meet brutality with greater force, exponentially, until before you know it presidential candidates are all but coming to physical blows on a debate stage.

This morning, though, as I prepared to swing my legs over the side of the bed and throw myself into the day, I was stopped by a tiny whisper that I can only assume was the dawning influence of the upcoming Libra Lunar Eclipse: “Go gently.” Instead of leaping to my feet and cursing my painful “morning back,” what if I stood slowly and gave a little stretch? I tried it. Good stuff.

What else might happen today if I were to go gently? What if I dressed with more pleasure, chose a nice shirt and a pair of socks without holes in them? What if I took my time making breakfast instead of rushing around as though I’m competing in an episode of Iron Chef? What if I set the glass down carefully instead of smacking it against the coffee table? What if I took the time to coax the cat from under the chair for her morning shot, instead of losing patience and grabbing her?

“Going gently” sums up Libra’s approach to the world. It appears as elegant touches in unexpected places,  moving with grace, choosing the nice shirt, setting things down carefully, coaxing the cat. It’s in the little ways of approaching life with a spirit of beauty and grace, smoothness and quiet.

Libra is the sign of relating, and heaven knows the world could use more of Libra’s skill in this area, because as a species we’re treating each other pretty damn roughly. It seems some days as though we’re engaged in an ongoing contest to see who can be the most callous and rude, as though mistreating others were a badge of honor.

Lots of people my age express a longing to return to a gentler era, when folks avoided discussing sex, religion, and politics in public, and disagreed in private without demonizing one another. Let’s be clear: such a time probably didn’t really exist, except in our memories. But it certainly seems as though things were a lot more civil even throughout the crazy 60s and 70s.

On the other hand, the gentler days of yore were not so rosy if you had the bad luck of being a woman, a person of color, gay, the wrong religion, or anything else that wasn’t white, straight, and male. Moving the needle of justice even a bit in the direction of equal rights required that a whole lot of people get really angry and make a lot of noise. That’s where the Aries side of humanity really shines, in fighting for worthy causes and kicking asses that sorely need kicking.

But it’s pretty clear that things have gotten out of balance. Everyone seems angry all the time, and there’s a sense of fighting for basic survival. The titantic battle between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn has estranged us from Libra’s spirit of cooperation and gentleness. May we see a resurgence of it when Jupiter enters Libra in October.

Very soon after this morning’s epiphany about “going gently,” I had a chance to test the idea. After breakfast, I opened the door to find a campaign sign for a local city council candidate planted in our front lawn. We hadn’t given permission, hadn’t even been asked, and my instinct was to ring up the campaign headquarters and holler at someone. But then a kinder voice suggested the possibility that some good-hearted volunteer had almost certainly made a mistake. And if not, well, isn’t it nice to at least see passionate engagement in an age of civic indifference?

Living gently isn’t the same as rolling over, though. We removed the sign, left it behind a post on the front porch, and left a polite but emphatic message about what the campaign office could do with their sign (why, pick it up, of course).

This Full Moon is the last in a long series of eclipses in Aries and Libra that began in October, 2013. I’ve certainly seen some interesting developments in a lot of the relationships around me, and I imagine you have, too. And it’s not just personal relationships, but the larger societal discourse as well. It’s seemed much harder to strike a balance between fighting worthy battles and running roughshod over others. This Libra Lunar Eclipse puts a period at the end of that rather long, rambling sentence. Then, we continue working our way through the Virgo/Pisces eclipse cycle for the rest of the year, bravely navigating a path complicated by lessons of giving and service, surrender and suffering, faith and reason.

Let’s go gently.

© 2016 April Elliott Kent


Previous eclipses near this degree include March 24, 1997 (lunar) and September 22, 2006 (solar). This eclipse also resonates with the Sep. 28, 2015 lunar eclipse at 4.40 Aries; you may be resolving some matters that began then.

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7 Responses
  • Val
    March 20, 2016

    Beautifully written article with a beautiful reminder to…. go quietly and gently.
    Thank you!

    • bernard charles
      March 22, 2016

      Go quietly and gently! Not my cup of tea. I’m in my prime time being an Aries right now so this is like countering my natural impulsive excited passionate self! Lol. I can be rough around the edges. But perhaps all that rolling around will do me some good – eh? Hahaha I agree Val, this is beautifully written and so poetic!

  • Suzanne Aeverman
    March 21, 2016

    This post was so right on. I identify a lot with your observations and experiences. I admire the Libran qualities that you talk about as well. Being an impatient Aries, I need and long to (and sometimes do) these gracious ;things, and when do it always feels right and seems to send a ripple of calmness around me. Thank-you for your insights April!

  • Julie
    March 22, 2016

    Thank you, April. I really needed to read this. My natal Mars, asc, and Jupiter are in Sag, and natal moon in Aries, so it felt like you were talking to me directly. Even the part about not sleeping for the last week. Go gently, go gently;;;;gotta try it!

  • Martisa
    March 22, 2016

    How lovely your post. Civility starts with oneself. Thank you.

  • Les
    March 22, 2016

    Yes, this! I just checked the other day for when my progressed Moon will move into Libra – June 4th, yay! I should get a lot more aligned with going gently, despite the roughness that will without doubt be continuing for the foreseeable future. My North Node’s in Libra, too, so an ongoing lesson.

  • Ashley Jasmine
    March 22, 2016

    I remember too a much nicer time. I remember the 60s,70s and even into the 80s where we didn’t have the “better than though” attitude. People were much more kind and respectful (in general). We still had our own opinions and we knew that others had theirs too. We could feel empowered but not better-than. That’s peace.