Libra Full Moon: Befriending the Enemy

Astrologers are fond of observing that a Libra is nothing more than an Aries who’s been to charm school. Libra is every bit as determined as his fellow cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, and Capricorn) to get what he wants. But Libra has the ability to make it look as though serving his own needs is the furthest thing from his mind.

That isn’t meant as a criticism, by the way. I admire the strategy. My mother was born with Libra rising, and she had the iron fist in the velvet glove routine down pat. For years, I watched her put this skill to use securing contributions for fundraising events on behalf of her favorite charity. She overcame any resistance with sunny charm, pretending not to notice reluctance or impatience coming from the other end of the telephone, and refusing to be intimidated. By pretending that others wanted to be helpful, she persuaded them to be so. In the end, she always got what she was after—and nearly always, earned another fan in the process.

With this Libra Full Moon conjoined Jupiter, facing off against the Sun and Uranus in ferocious Aries—and all of them square unyielding Pluto in Capricorn—conflict resolution is the order of the day. I’ve been thinking about the best way to deal with people who make me angry, as well as those whose interests are diametrically opposed to my own. One hesitates to call them “enemies;” it sounds so dramatic. But let’s face it, that’s what an enemy is: one whose interests conflict with yours.

As mom was fond of saying, “You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.” And as every Libran knows, there’s more than one way to defeat an opponent. The 15th century Roman Emperor Sigismund was admonished by his Prime Minister when instead of destroying his captured enemies, he brought them into his court. It’s said that he replied, “Do I not most effectually destroy my enemies, in making them my friends?” It’s a quotation often attributed to Abraham Lincoln, and though I couldn’t find a source for it, it does sound like the kind of thing he would have said, famous as he was for forging unlikely political alliances.

But when I think about befriending people whose opinions, lifestyles, or politics are abhorrent to me, some flinty part of me digs in its heels and refuses to give in, loathe to give the impression of surrender. Why do most of us find it so difficult to befriend our enemies—and why is that those with Libra prominent in their birth charts often succeed where we fail?

In traditional astrology, Libra is said to be the sign of the Sun’s “fall”—meaning, it’s one of the signs in which the Sun’s innate qualities of pride and ego are least able to express themselves. Unlike prideful Leo (the sign of the Sun’s rulership) and headstrong, impulsive Aries (sign of the Sun’s exaltation), Libra has the ability to strategically suppress his ego in order to get what he wants.

With impatient Aries planets on a collision course with Pluto, the potential for animosity and frustration over the next couple of weeks is enormous. It’s the kind of celestial atmosphere that suggests full-scale emotional meltdown. Picture the Sun and Uranus in Aries like frustrated toddlers, falling down on their fannies, kicking their feet in the air, and screaming until they turn purple.

How to soothe a couple of irate toddlers at once—or even one screaming customer, road-rageous fellow motorist, or internet flamethrower? By first making a friend of the enemy inside you—the stubborn, prideful, impulsive, and ego-driven part of you that stands in opposition to your best interests. Befriend that part of yourself, and you’ll have transformed your worst enemy into a strong, passionate ally. Once you’re fully at peace with yourself, you can respond to the rage, frustration, and stubbornness of others with kindness, even charm—fully expecting them to behave better, to be better. Not everyone will rise to meet your expectations—but at least you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you did.

© 2011, 2013, 2017 April Elliott Kent

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10 Responses
  • Kit
    April 8, 2017

    Excellent Article. Thank you for posting

  • Ann Raabe
    April 8, 2017

    You are absolutely marvelous!!!!!
    Blow a kiss to the irate, middle-finger waving guy in the huge SUV pushing you off the road. Then take a slow, delicious bite from your chocolate bar. He’s mesmerized; then laughing. Now you have another problem-:)
    This sort of behavior changes the world. Most definitely. Grassroots activism. Forget the political scene.

  • Debbi Love
    April 8, 2017

    I, Libra, wrote this in my journal this morning….
    Q. How can I use my free will to bring peace and harmony to the world?

    A. Use my stubbornness for good.
    I am the queen of stubbornness. I am satisfyingly stubborn!
    I stubbornly holding firm to the vision of peace, beauty, harmony.
    I stubbornly accept everyones different stage of learning
    I love the world. I love myself. I accept myself. I love life. I choose happiness.

    • Sharon
      April 9, 2017

      “I stubbornly accept everyone’s different stage of learning.” Excellent! That is going to be my new mantra. Thanks for sharing!

  • Helen
    April 8, 2017

    i dunno, April… Libras can be charming, life of the party… also so often with them – getting a direct answer is torture… you wanna??… maybe…. (i realized, finally, that maybe means no)…. and also they lie like rugs (my brother)… okay so i am jaded…. but me, a screaming Aries with Uranus transiting? actually that’s been goin on for awhile, and at first i thought for sure i would meet a quick demise (car crash or such).. but no, still no, not a ferocious Aries either… today it’s more like leave me alone, and do i have any more doughnuts… does LIbra rule doughnuts? xoxo 🙂

  • weaver
    April 8, 2017

    brilliant in a nutshell. 🙂 and i like what ann said: grassroots activism; forget the political scene. yes.

  • Marcia
    April 9, 2017

    wonderful. a joy to read and absorb.

  • Christie
    April 9, 2017

    I appreciate the explanation of the “fall”. Best explanation I have heard in my 30 plus years of studying astrology! Actually, as a Libran myself I appreciate your entire article. Well done.

  • Jill
    April 10, 2017

    Very enlightening and right on! I’m wouldn’t be a true Libra if I didn’t bring up the other side of things , right? What about frenemies that have a high stake in never befriending and/or have much to gain monetarily by continuously making you out to be the bad guy? I’m happy to create balance and peace it is my nature ! I have tried everything at least once , and my only resort is to stay as far away as possible ! That being said , it still hurts and it is still there ! A lot harder to divorce family than a cheating husband. It would be very stupid of me to befriend my psychopathic sister , wouldn’t it ? Thank you for your deep article and repsponse ?

  • Rhea
    April 10, 2017

    Lovely essay again, where does this understanding ,and skill with words come from in your chart?
    There’s a guy who comes round to do gardening , but really he is happy to do anything I need help with, wonderful!! We get on really well his sun is opposite my Venus in Aries .
    I had an Aquarians friend who was married to a Librian and thought male Librians were whooses or wooses, never making a descison or taking the lead and in his case going from wife to wife.