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Essential Guide to Practical AstrologyMy book, The Essential Guide to Practical Astrology, covers everything from signs to progressions – all in an easy-to-swallow style that will make you laugh,  make you think, and make you learn astrology.

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transits_coverMy latest book, Astrological Transits, takes you deep into the heart of astrology’s most important predictive tool. “Kent makes the intricacies of reading transits accessible and fun. Laced with the reassuring common sense of her years of actual practice, it’s also thorough enough to teach you everything you need to know about interpreting past, current, and future skies. Yet the real delight is the author’s witty and insightful take on the factors.” – Dana Gerhardt, Mooncircles.com.

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Linda GoodmanHow I Learned Astrology – Everyone follows his or her particular path to astrological enlightenment, but I suspect all these routes share a few common landmarks: first wading in shyly, then stalking and mastering various techniques, proceeding to the preliminary stage of inflicting ghastly readings on unsuspecting clients, and eventually learning from experience and from great people you respect….
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Finding Classes

Lucky you – compared to the tragic, pre-Internet Jurassic Era in which I learned to ply the astrologer’s trade, you have the entire world of astrology at your fingertips! But if you’re mostly self-taught, it can be really valuable to spend some time with a teacher to make sure there are no shocking gaps in your learning and to help you sort out the stuff that is hard to learn on your own.

The easiest way to find a class in your area is to contact your local astrological group or chapter. If online learning is more your style, here are a couple of resources to consider:


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