New Moon in Aquarius: Happiness, Aquarius Style

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new moon in aquarius

Painting by Claudia Fernety

Growing up as part of a big, loud, extended family, I spent a lot of time alone in my bedroom, reading, writing, or playing my guitar. I savored my privacy and the relative quiet of my little sanctuary.

But what made it possible for me to enjoy my time alone was knowing that just outside my bedroom door, there were laughing, loving people. It was comforting to know that whenever I wanted to, I could join the party.

As an adult, this is what I still love about my family – and about my friends, too. They leave me alone when I need solitude, but when I’m ready for socializing, I’m always welcome. With them, I always feel that there’s a place where I belong – and that makes me happy.

Astrologers say that friendship is ruled by Aquarius, but friends come in a variety of packages. Aquarius’ particular brand of friendship is not the close, intimate, occasionally dramatic bond between “best friends;” those relationships are part of Libra’s purview, along with marriage, business partners, and “frenemies.”

Aquarius-style friendships generally sidestep the high emotional stakes of those relationships. They are the mesh tank tops of relationships – loosely-knit alliances that keep us covered but let us breathe. They are the connections that let us feel like a part of society without losing our independence.

Clubs and organizations based on mutual interests are a perfect example of Aquarius friendships. I don’t go to many meetings of my local astrology group, but when I do, no one gives me a hard time for having been away so long. Instead, I get to catch up with people I like, and we have more to talk about because we haven’t seen each other in awhile.

Aquarius is a sociable sign, but a freedom-loving one as well; and in your birth chart it prescribes plenty of breathing room. Astrologers often describe Aquarians as erratic and a little wild; these qualities are a good fit with Uranus, Aquarius’ ruling planet. But Aquarius’ traditional ruler is anything-but-crazy Saturn, and when someone with Aquarius strong in their chart suddenly drops out of sight one day, there’s nothing crazy about it. Aquarius needs air and space, and when they feel closed in by too many demands on their time and emotions, they’ll run as far away as they need to.

The Aquarian’s Key to Happiness

In the house in your chart where Aquarius lives, you can only be really happy when you’re able to enjoy other people in your own time and on your own terms. Here, you need to find the right balance between the chaos of sociability and the delicious, cool, certainty of solitude.

While the Sun is in Aquarius (each year between about January 22 and February 18), it shines a spotlight on the importance of happy, casual social connections based on shared interests. Under the glare of this spotlight you may notice, perhaps, where you’ve neglected the social pacts that keep these impersonal but vital relationships healthy. Keep your distance for too long and the connections and goodwill wither away – not from rancor or bitterness, but from a simple lack of nourishment and sunlight.

Facebook and Twitter often give us the feeling that we’re nurturing our social connections. Group action and collective participation certainly can and do happen in our online lives, and we have more ways than ever to keep in touch with our friends. But are those interactions as satisfying as the in-person gatherings that seemed more common even a decade ago? Maybe not. As ethnographer Sherry Turkle, author of Alone Together, said, “I think there are ways in which we’re constantly communicating and yet not making enough good connections.”

Have you been too long away from the little groups that fill your life with a sense of belonging? Missed too many weeks at church, perhaps, or too many neighborhood block parties? Passed up too many coffee breaks with your usual group of work friends?

How long can you neglect ties like these before they break? It varies from person to person, from group to group, but you know. You know when you begin to feel a lack of balance in your life, a paucity of happy, uncomplicated places where you can simply show up, be yourself, and have the sense that you belong there.

The good news is, these are amazingly resilient and forgiving relationships, and to reestablish them is so easy: All you have to do is show up. At this New Moon in Aquarius, it may be time to recommit to doing just that. It might mean tearing yourself away from a relaxing evening at home, following the world on Facebook. But that’s a pretty small price to pay for membership in a club that, as Aquarius knows, is vital to your happiness: the big, loud, extended family of the human race.

© 2013 by April Elliott Kent

19 Responses to “New Moon in Aquarius: Happiness, Aquarius Style”

  1. Maria

    On Sunday, Bret and I are headed to a star-studded, black-tie Hollywood event that his dad runs every year. This new moon is exactly square my 1st house Neptune in Scorpio. Even better, a special surprise is happening that some people don’t know about (but I do). The Uranian energy will be FLYING. :) I’m also going to wear my mother’s 1960s mink coat and hope a PETA person doesn’t show up and destroy it.

  2. LB

    My natal 5th house Moon is in Aquarius, while its ruler, Uranus, is placed in my 12th, widely opposite my Moon and closely opposite my 6th house Chiron . You’ve summed up the needs of my Aquarius placements beautifully and then some! Some of my happiest childhood memories are of times spent at my grandmother’s house, surrounded by cousins sleeping in nearby rooms. We weren’t close, but it was comforting knowing they were around and that we were connected in some way. Later on (when I was a bit older), I became quite the social butterfly. In retrospect, it may have been an illusion but I loved it at the time.

    I thrive when my need for connection is balanced with my need for solitude and independence. Working closely with others and being of service in volunteer settings, has helped to fill this need to some extent. It’s also one of the reasons I like the internet. I’m still a Libra though, so I need more intimate, committed, reciprocal relationships too.:)

    • fern feto spring

      Wow LB are you my twin?!
      I have Moon in Aquarius in the 5th, Uranus in the 12th and Chiron in Pisces in the 6th. But Uranus is not opposed my Moon and that’s the only explanation that I can come up with of why you hate Facebook and I myself am rather unfortunately addicted (though like April, not fond of Twitter…). But like you, loved this essay by April-so true, so true! Going to be spending the New Moon Eve with one of my dearest Aquarian friends celebrating her birthday in true Aquarian style. Thanks April for hitting the nail on the head once more!

      • April

        Thank you, dear Fern… I do love Aquarius so. My oldest friend has Moon in Aquarius; it took me years to begin to understand it, even with my Jupiter in Aquarius to lead the way! But now it’s one of my very favorite signs. Happy birthday to your dear Aquarian!

      • LB

        Hi Fern :) – I’ve only known one other Moon in Aquarius, but never one with Uranus in the 12th and Chiron in the 6th. We probably have more than a few things in common!

        My Moon is square my Neptune/Mercury/Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio, on the cusp of the 3rd; I suspect that’s one of the reasons I’m not a big fan of Facebook or Twitter. I actually think my Uranus in the 12th helps explain my fondness for (addiction to) astrological blogs.

        Happy New Moon!

  3. LB

    Wanted to add, I’m not a fan of either Facebook or Twitter – they’re just not my cuppa tea.

    • April

      I must say, I *adore* Facebook. Twitter, on the other hand, doesn’t do much for me. I don’t tend to think in 144 character bursts!

  4. Alannah

    This speaks to me so much. I have been looking for ways to nurture/find those satisfying connections because they are definitely missing in my life. This makes me wonder where Aquarius is in my chart because I’m very solitary by nature but like to pop out and join the party occasionally too (and I’m an Aries).

    Love your posts!!

  5. Cassandra

    Aries w/Leo rising here. I am not totally comfy with my 7th house Aquarius. I do think having a 10th H venus in Taurus has loads to do with it but really not sure how to feel about it all. New energy would be nice, however.

    • April

      I wonder if we’re ever really comfy with Aquarius, wherever it falls in the chart? I think “comfortable” is not really in Aquarius’ job description….

  6. Mo Davies

    Thank you for your words. I have Aquarius Moon in the Fifth House and really need to withdraw for peace and quite and while I work creatively. I don’t have a lot of friendships, but a very few close friends. If I socialise, I like intelligent conversation, not gossip or surface stuff. So your piece has helped validate how I feel about my life and inter-action with others. I do bless Facebook as it’s helped me stay in touch with family and friends (I live in a fairly isolated area) but also has connected me with amazingly talented and gifted women throughout the world.

  7. Dr Mary Dunlap-Beales

    THis Aquarian with her sun in the sixth,,loves this,,I am going to copy and paste it to some friends walls,that don’t understand my need to “drop out” periodically and go into m cave.I am a chiropractor by trade,ruled by Uranus,,and have Saturn and Jupiter in Capricorn in the sixth as well,,pretty good lineup

  8. Sara Foley

    How very interesting April! I have a Libran moon, and when I was younger it was important to have a best friend and intense connections. As I have gotten older, Aquarian type friendships – community, like minded people working towards a common goal etc. have become more important. I have no planets in Aquarius at all, but Aquarius rules my 11th house.

  9. Carmen Wright

    Hey April, fabulous article, I once had an Astrologer tell me that my Libra Sun in my natal actually falls into the house of Aquarius, so many people can mistake me easily as a possible Aquarian. In my natal chart Saturn is in 04 Degrees Aquarius. However, My Chart has wildly progressed and now my Scorpio Moon has journeyed into Libra and My Now My Sun is in Scorpio.. I have to say that this has been like getting thrown into a cyclone! I do love Facebook, am naturally reserved, but adore networking behind the screen with whole world in my Warm Pretty fleece Robe, my long dark hair up in a big barrette, and Private is definately a Matter of huge importance to me.. Love Your Writing and Witty, Clever, but down to Earth Sensibility~ I think You are Fab.. Still not sure how long I will take to adapt to 5 new fire signs in my chart, and a predominance of waters. Ahhh the ole Progressed Chart~ Ha! That One can turn You and Your World upside down without a warning :<) Love and Blessings Everyone~

  10. Carmen Wright

    OOpsy~ I have no clue if my Aquarius Progressed? And I am not schooled in the houses like most posting, but I Welcome insights, even gasps :) I do have an outrageous sense of humor, regardless of how serious some perceive me to be or not to be.( Yes a tremendous Fan of Poe). Grinning.. Seriously April~ Your Articles, and Writing Always bring a lazy Smile to my Face, and a ” Note To Self” to my thoughts! Happy New Moon All :)

  11. helen

    AHA! yes, thank you April for yet another aha! – Aquarius the mesh tank top of relationships – now i understand my Aquarius pussycat chinese friend – i never got why she had to go out with everybody and be everywhere, whereas i would go hide to recharge at lunchbreaks… now just that one phrase makes it all make sense to me.
    I still adore my best friend’s husband (i have not seen them in decades!)- who’s an Aquarius – i could always call him for “independent advice” – the best thing he ever said to me, “helen you can’t know everything!” ….oh….. okay…
    Now i find i have great crush on Eddie Izzard (comedian) – he has about 5 planets in Aquarius (which ding my Aries planets)… sigh….though i often wonder if it’s his Virgo rising that appeals – seeing as i have Pisces rising.. still, nice to dream… and yes he can borrow my eyeliner anytime :)
    thanks again!


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