Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Gemini: Beyond Words

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by April Elliott Kent

In Gemini, the Moon finds comfort in language – in the reassuring hum of parents’ voices down the hall as their children fall asleep; in the soothing mantra, the dog’s welcoming bark, delighted laughter, a favorite poem. Even, when the time comes, in the sensitive eulogy for a loved one, delivered by someone with keen powers of observation and a lyrical tongue.

Eclipses of the Moon reveal unconscious processes that we take for granted. Most of us can happily assume that when we open our mouths to speak, intelligible sounds will emerge. That if we want to write something, our brain and fingers will help us translate concepts into symbols and record them. We take for granted the ability to reach just about anyone at just about any time, something that would have seemed like a magical power only a couple of generations ago. Through technology, we can live far from our loved ones and still see them and talk to them at a moment’s notice.

This Full Moon in Gemini is a lunar eclipse, when the Moon slips into the earth’s shadow and is hidden from view. It reminds us that even in the age of constant information, constant contact, there are moments when the Gemini gifts we take for granted can be taken away, when the world’s comforting voices diminish into unsettling silence. When, having quarreled, the parents lie in chilly silence; the normally voluble relative’s stroke leaves him quiet and withdrawn at the Thanksgiving dinner table; the beloved pet slips away, mutely, with labored breaths. The phone forgets to ring. The heartfelt email receives no reply.

Sometimes, we have to do without language in order to recognize what is still left to be said. Doing this intentionally becomes more and more of a challenge. Anyone who has practiced meditation quickly realizes just how difficult it can be to disengage from Gemini, to still the mind’s chatter and locate what lies in the heart and the solar plexus, in the parts of us beyond words. For some of us, even losing our cell phone and being out of contact for a couple of hours can practically cause an anxiety attack. And just try spending an evening among people who don’t speak your language. Words are not the only way to communicate, but they certainly make things easier.

Estrangement from Gemini’s world is sometimes unintentional, and occasionally permanent. Imagine the disorientation, the frustration of suffering an injury or illness that takes away speech. Or the sadness of being unable to talk to a loved one who has gone for good, when it’s not longer an option to ask the important questions or to say the thing that so desperately needed saying. (I remember talking about this with my sister, after our mother died; it felt something like claustrophobia, we agreed. The inability to speak with her felt like walls closing in around us, like we couldn’t breathe.)

For most of us, though, the eclipsing of Gemini will be temporary. The lost cell phone will be returned. The parents will mend their quarrel. The relative will recover most of his speech. A new pet will join the family. We’ll be reconciled with friends. The meditation class will end.

And in the initial, heady return to words, we’ll eagerly spill out all the contents of our heads and hearts. We’ll find that there is so much more to say and that it’s all richer, more substantial than the words that used to fill the vacuum of our days. While the Gemini Moon rested in the shadows, we may find, we went to the place beyond words. We filled the well. We found our voices.

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10 Responses to “Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Gemini: Beyond Words”

  1. cjwright

    April, it was an absolute delight to read this gorgeous post. You give me hope that the right words will spill from my heart as a result of my recent silence. Thank you for the memories that you brought and the inspiration for tomorrow. ~cj

  2. Yvonne Young

    Speaking (or typing) as someone who’s natal moon is in Gemini, opposite Sun in Sagittarius, and at the same degree as the coming eclipse….my phone went dead today, and won’t be fixed until Tuesday! Be interesting to see what else happens! Thanks for the article! x

  3. NR

    Oh, April. What a wonderful creation. Thank you.

    I remember when I visited my folks in April and I wrote how safe I felt because I could hear my family’s voices down the hall, you said your ears perked up because of the Gemini Moon.

    It’s a very special moon to me: two people I love have it, on my IC, sextiling my Sun.

    Sending you much love.

    • April

      Love to you too, Neeti, and comforting voices at this Full Moon eclipse. I remember your lovely story about visiting your family. At the risk of sounding maudlin, treasure those moments and stockpile as many as you can; the day comes all too soon when we’re the older generation with the comforting voices. Little do the young people know that we’re talking about what a mess the world is and how worried or sad we are about things! xoxo

  4. Kamalika

    I literally remained speechless upon reading this stunningly beautiful essay.
    I am passing through difficult times and I had just decided to cancel my phone/internet subscription for a while, when I read this… it is so true.
    There came such a silence in my heart and head – meditating monks would be jealous of it. The eclipse starts in 2-3 hours here ๐Ÿ™‚
    Love to the other side of the Globe.

  5. Kat

    Maybe all this crazy eclipse energy is why I’ve had terrible insomnia the last three nights…there are few things worse to a Virgo than being awake and wanting to vent and there is no one awake to listen…The stress is reaching a breaking point ๐Ÿ™ With Pluto passing over my MC and all this career uncertainty and upheaval, the Universe owes me more than a little good night’s rest…

  6. tiffany

    I feel completely vulnerable, orphaned and abandoned over this lunar phase. An exciting 25 year school re-union turned into a reminder that I have no children of my own. My former lover made a big deal romantic post for his 19th anniversary and that made me feel like EGGGHHHHH. I had to MOVE homes on the weekend, and do the clean up on Monday, – I’m currently house-sitting my mothers home ( and my child hood home) while she is away, looking after her demanding two poodles. IS there any more moon in Cancer stuff that could possibly happen? WOW. This Virgo is utterly gutted and hung out to dry.


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