Full Moon in Leo: I’ll Follow the Sun

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by April Elliott Kent

follow the sunThe Full Moon in warm, open-hearted, playful Leo stands in kittenish contrast to the Sun in Aquarius’ more impersonal brand of friendliness. Ruled by the Sun, Leo seems custom-made to shine brightly and joyfully.

But while I was born with the Sun in this extravagant sign, I’m something of a failed Leo. My mother used to tell me that I started out as the sunniest, happiest child she’d ever seen. Perhaps it’s true. Certainly I’ve seen pictures of myself as a little girl, looking incandescently cheerful.

The thing is, I don’t remember ever feeling as happy as I looked. In every one of my earliest memories, I am shy, irritable, and moody. Throughout school, my musical and secretarial careers, and even becoming an astrologer, I can remember moments of satisfaction – but full-on, unbridled happiness?

Not much. Mostly, it’s been a matter of gauging where things stood in relation to my life’s “to do” list, and feeling either self-flagellating disgust or the satisfaction of checking another goal off the list.

But I’ve reached the age now when a woman begins to long for change, and to wish to some extent that she could live her life over, or at least do things a bit differently going forward. And so, having exhausted all that moodiness and dissatisfaction have to offer, it’s time for me to give happiness a try. And to seek happiness, I’ve decided – like any good Leo – to follow the Sun.


Once we’ve made it past Saturn’s first return at age 28 or 29, we’ve usually learned that happiness is something more than simply being in a good mood. It’s about living in integrity, keeping perspective, and making an effort to be our best selves. And while astrologically you could make the argument that it’s all pieces of the birth chart working together in harmony and balance that results in happiness, there is a lot to be said for focusing on a single symbol: the Sun. The Sun symbolizes the unchanging core of who you are, the nucleus around which all of your other qualities revolve.

It’s easy to trivialize the Sun’s transiting cycle because it moves so quickly. Whereas guys like Neptune or Pluto take a house of your chart hostage for decades, the Sun moves along at a fast clip, covering an entire zodiac sign and probably about one house of your birth chart in a single month. Nevertheless, he makes his presence felt.

The Sun moving through the houses of your chart is like The Man Who Came to Dinner. In the George S. Kaufman and Moss Hart play, an overbearing radio celebrity comes to dinner at the home of a prominent businessman, slips on the ice outside their house, and moves in for the duration. In very short order he comes to dominate the entire household.

The Sun can be sort of an overbearing celebrity himself, and when he enters a new house of your chart he has a way of making all your furniture seem a little shabby and your conversation a bit dull. At worst, he dominates part of your life with his ego, his demands, his tantrums, and his theatrics. But at best, he motivates you to bring your “A” game – to want a little more from life, to get a better haircut, to mind your posture. In short, to make your life a bit better – and potentially, a whole lot happier.


I was thinking about this recently when I read Gretchen Rubin’s bestseller, The Happiness Project. Each month, Rubin picked a different area of life, read what great thinkers and philosophers and self-help gurus had to say on these topics, and tried to follow their advice to see if she could become happier.

Intrigued, I wondered whether such a project could be transformed into something astrological, with the transiting Sun as its organizing principle. So over the past year, I’ve taken Rubin’s topics and rearranged them a bit to fit with the Sun moving through the houses of the birthchart, to create an astrological happiness project that builds month by month through the entire year.

There is a lot more to be said about each of these, and I’ll be working on a new project over the next couple of months that will do just that. But briefly, my astrological happiness project is laid out like this: When the Sun is in your…

  • 1st house (self, body, personality) – Gather Strength
  • 2nd House (money, possessions) – Enjoy What You Have
  • 3rd House (perception, thinking, communication) – Be Mindful
  • 4th House (family, home) – Lighten Your Heart
  • 5th House (play, creativity, fun) – Take Fun Seriously
  • 6th House (work, routines, health) – Perform Practical Magic
  • 7th House (relationships) – Love the One You’re With
  • 8th House (intimacy, shared resources) – Lose Yourself
  • 9th House (adventure, religion, learning) – Gaze at Unfamiliar Skies
  • 10th House (ambition, career) – Reach for the Stars
  • 11th House (future, friendships) – Build a Legacy
  • 12th House (spirituality, hidden matters) – Be Here Now

It’s been more than a year since I began this project, long enough to watch the Sun move through each of the houses of my chart. Some months have been better than others, but this simple mandala has given me focus and a way to think about getting more happiness out of my year. When the Sun enters a new house of my chart, I know I’ll begin by feeling a little embarrassed at how the place looks. Like a lovable relative, the Sun will boss me around and ask why I’m standing in the way of my own happiness. And I’ll be forced to come up with some solutions instead of endless excuses.

At this Full Moon in Leo, think about what your own astrological happiness project would look like. How can your light shine a bit brighter, and your heart beat a little stronger? And how can you finish 2013 happier than you began? Astrologically, it might be as simple as following the Sun.

© 2012, 2013 by April Elliott Kent

When will the Sun be in each house of your birth chart this year? Here’s a video to help you find out:

16 Responses to “Full Moon in Leo: I’ll Follow the Sun”

  1. Rebecca Walker

    Fabulous post! So synchronistic with where I’m at in life. And I LOVE this project–can’t wait to follow it with you. Right now with the Leo full moon, the Sun is in my 5th house, where my South Node and Saturn are placed. Interesting. But I was just having a moment this morning, my inner voices telling me it’s FINALLY time to stop playing small. It’s time to step out of my comfort zone and into the light. Thanks for the “accidental” affirmation.

  2. Alannah

    Oh my gosh, this is brilliant. I love the Astrological Happiness Project too! I can’t wait to hear more about that – it really intrigues me.

  3. kate

    i love this idea so much! thanks for sharing 🙂

    i just looked and the sun is currently in my first house, which is actually ruled by capricorn. seems like a good place to start for an aries like me-from the beginning! i am going to print this out and put it near my desk.

  4. Allison Shonyo

    Oh, I LOVE this! I immediately thought – I could use this at work where I have to set goals each month, which was followed by a huge realisation about my chart which is too complicated to explain but fills a giant hole in me like coffee does on Monday mornings. Ahhhh. Thank you!

  5. April

    I’m happy you guys love the idea and are excited about it! So am I… I can’t wait to immerse myself in astrological happiness for the next few months while I create this project. Stay tuned! 🙂

  6. julie

    Aloha April, These are real working tools,very good tools that lead to a world of change/Happiness ! Thanks for the brilliant insight. Two years ago I got turned on to Dana Gerhardt’s ‘Collecting Moonbeams’ and have made it a monthly ritual and big big opening for guidance from the moon and stars above…it’s a fabulous way to stay tuned into nature and the rhythms of life. I will be adding this to my list of very valuable fun stuff to do this year and more than likely for many more years to come ! Mahalo Nui Loa
    J….ps Yes I am doing way better now lots has changed and boy oh boy it’s a NEW year !!

  7. jenni

    how spooky ! i went to a happiness workshop this week which uses the happiness project as a guide. you get a journal with all the goals etc in it and are asked to do one a month. i started it this week – and the sun will be in my 5th house all month ! 🙂 wishing you luck too april – altho i have never heard of a sad leo ! Mr Leo Moon is in my 10th house today soo maybe luck and love on the job ??

  8. jenni

    also, i hope this is ok with you – i have decided to incorporate your idea into my journal work. its just a happy piece of synchroncity i guess !

    • April

      Perfect, jenni! The final project will incorporate some journaling – so, even more synchronicity. 🙂

  9. jenni

    no ! in fact mr sun is visiting my fourth house – happiness begins at home ?:)

    • April

      Yes – enjoy your home and all the creatures who share it with you! Lighten and brighten your home, and your heart.

  10. Terri

    How apt! Like you, I just launched a Happiness project — an app based on Anne Beaverdorf’s book “Vedic Secrets to Happiness”. As soon as it makes it through the iTunes store approval process, it should be in the iTunes store (under “Happiness – Vedic Secrets”). Google app should get submitted tomorrow. Enjoying this Leo full moon, like you, by sending Happiness marching out into the world. ; ) Hope to see you soon!

  11. Jackie

    What a great way to to focus on the positive! I lvoe the image of it being a mandala. I have the Sun in Scorpio literally on the cusp of the 10th/11th house and the Moon in Leo in the 8th. I look forward to following! Wonderful idea!


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