Capricorn Full Moon: Nobody’s Child

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I’m well into my fifties now, and it’s been 20 years since I had a living parent. But I’ll admit, there are still days that I miss being someone’s child. However much one is loved by a spouse, friends, or children, there’s something about having a loving parent that makes you feel you’ve always got a soft place to fall.

When I see friends my age coping with their ailing parents, though, part of me is relieved that I never had to watch my mother and father slowly falter, their memories disintegrating, their need for care exceeding their (or my) resources. It’s often said, and rightly so, that there is no worse fate for a parent than to outlive a child. But when I watch exhausted, worried adults in their fifties and sixties overwhelmed with care for aging parents, that doesn’t seem so great, either.

It’s a hard world, and some days it doesn’t feel like any of us really has a soft place to fall. And those who are the most capable, who have made good decisions and who always strive to do the right thing, are carrying some of the heaviest burdens. These are Saturn’s children, and if they occasionally grit their teeth and speak sharply, it’s not because they’re unfeeling, but because they’re doing what they must, against sizable odds.

A lot of truly horrid things have been written about those born with the Moon in Saturn-ruled Capricorn—that they are cold, unfeeling, or opportunistic. But what I’ve seen more often in practice is that this person did not receive a lot of tender nurturing. Some of the most responsible, self-reliant, and caring people I know were born with this Moon sign. But while they were often praised for outward accomplishments like good grades and a good job, they haven’t always received a lot of emotional support. In some cases, they didn’t really feel they got to be children.

The question posed by a Capricorn Full Moon is, how well are you succeeding—not just with taking care of business, but taking care of your heart?

This particular Capricorn Full Moon is in a tight conjunction with Pluto, with both opposed the Sun and Mars in Cancer. During the few weeks each year when Mars opposes Pluto, it is nearly impossible to get our way by employing physical might or sheer willpower. This aspect reminds us that only so much is within our control, however hard we work to change certain things or prevent others from happening.

Throw in the Full Moon and Sun connecting with this aspect, and most of us feel that we’re under a great deal of stress in some area of our lives. It might be problems with family, health, finances, employment – but everyone can probably point to some situation that feels out of their control and where they are receiving very little help.

These are tough times and tough planetary transits, and sometimes that makes us mean-spirited, impatient, and disdainful of weakness. But not always. Recently, I accompanied an elderly, ailing friend on an afternoon of errands. Everywhere we went, people went out of their way to be helpful to us by holding doors, giving up their place in line, or other small kindnesses.

Those who know me are used to hearing me declare (usually after an hour spent in traffic) that people are no damn good. But I’ve always suspected that if I were to keel over on the street, a half dozen people would immediately run over to see if I needed help. That’s just what happened recently when a light plane crashed on a Southern California freeway, and an onlooker rushed toward the flames to pull the passengers to safety.

It’s safe to assume that just about everyone you meet is carrying a heavier burden than they feel they can bear. We are tough with each other these days, because the world is tough, and so many of us are nobody’s children, with no soft place to turn to when we have failed or fallen. But we are still capable of astonishing kindness as well. We’re all trying to survive, and we’re scared we won’t, and that makes us hard. But we haven’t yet completely left behind the urge to break each other’s fall—and that makes us human.

© 2017 April Elliott Kent

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18 Responses to “Capricorn Full Moon: Nobody’s Child”

  1. Jan

    You just keep getting better all the time. This planetary lineup looks gruesome and it’s not over yet. Deep breath everyone and take good care. I’m waiting for this to be over to feel some relief.

    • Bernard Charles

      Seriously! I’ve read and saw so many people panic and sweat because of this alignment. I actually have a Cappy moon sign and baby I was born for this. Even though this is a tough armor world, the juicy tender heart inside makes fighting and defending our life worth it. I’m so ready to make big magic with this full moon! Let’s break each other’s fall!

  2. Mary McClain

    Great message and insights, April…I have felt that way ever since my mother passed in ’04 and my dad was gone when I was 10. Even though I have a loving, hard working, responsible husband who is my best friend, we are both Cap Suns w/ a few more Cap planets including my Jupiter & Saturn & his Mercury and Moon. This full Moon is exactly on my Natal Saturn w/ Pluto..Thank you and Good wishes!

  3. helen

    Holy crap, April, what an exciting story re the plane crash – how awesome people are in responding.. simply amazing…. and ya, been there done that with the “looking after sick parent” in my 40’s… so can only offer sympathy/coping suggestions to the ones who have retired and are stuck with ailing parents now…. no picnic there… truly ~ kindness rules – anywhere anytime.. thanks for great article xo 🙂

  4. Maria Alexander

    Great essay, April! I know someone with Mars at 17Cancer in his 2nd house. I have no idea how he’s doing at the moment, but this configuration does have me concerned.

  5. Lynne

    April, Always good to be reminded that you are not alone with your burdens. Thank you as always.

  6. Ann Raabe

    Your SKYWISE Neptune article hit a very deep and raw nerve within me. Thank you for acknowledging the grief, sadness and despair that accompanies life. So often we tend to look at these emotions as “negative”. But they are NOT negative.
    Grief holds her own gifts. And you wrote this truth so beautifully.
    Thank you, April.

  7. Pamela

    Hi April, This resonates with me and its nice to have someone acknowledge this. I have been mostly disappointed by people around me in my life that never really had my back, family included. What saved me from becoming a total cynic were the random acts of kindness shown by complete strangers it really helped me not lose faith.

  8. Charis

    April, I have only recently run across your work and I am very intrigued/want to share your thinking if I can. Would you mind if I linked to this blog post? Obviously I’d give full attribution.

    I just thought it might be polite to ask first!



  9. Ellen

    My Moon is in Capricorn, in the 5th house. My son ,,,born in 1961, has Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn in Capricorn in his 7th house,,, Thank God, he has recovered from an operation on both cerodid arteries. My daughter, is Cancer.. Born 1965… She has recently been diagnosed with EDS, POTS, plus her auto immune system is very confused, regarding many, many things to be bad/thus she s allergic to soooo many things. I will be having my Greatgrand kids here this weekend. My son will be keeping two of his grandchildren at his house because the kids parents have to take the week end to go see his dying mother… With liver cancer.. Yep, a bit stressful.. But, we gotta do what we gotta do.

  10. Penny Blanchard

    April, what a beautiful and compassionate message. I have a Capricorn Sun, Virgo rising and Gemini Moon. Luckily Jupiter is only 1 degree off my sun in the 4th house. And I do relate to not having a childhood and finally becoming hard with a Capricorn Mother in my 40’s. Not long before her death. So now you are right I am no one’s child any longer. However I count my self as almost healed in my 80’s. But I must have a little more work to do as your understanding did coax a few unexpected self sympathy tears to my eyes.
    Thank you, always, for your wonderful writing. Keep up the good work

  11. Kathleen Frank

    Saturn’s children….great review of this full moon coming up…good preparation…I would like to share with you that I saw both my parents to the Door of the Otherside over a 10 year period of time. No finer, more difficult Walk have I ever taken…grateful beyond measure for Saturn’s discipline. They brought me into this world…and by Grace, I helped them leave. (I am still in recovery…;-)

  12. Katje

    This was beautiful, thank you.
    And yes, they who are nobody’s child are very sad – even sadder if they have parents by blood who don’t claim them in their hearts.

  13. Ambr Love

    I feel the same way, April, with no elderly parents to care for, and while I am not comparing myself, I find myself ill with the flu at this time where the loneliness is almost challenging. That to be a self regulator but in times when the chips are down, I have but myself to care for, I see that I could easily be needing soothing comfort from another nurturer. I’ve got out of the habit of feeling sorry for myself too, and possibly luckier, to keep looking for the places that have a soft landing place before I fall. Incredible I took myself back to church, two weeks ago, and found there no fitter place to be in essence, a child, with the sense of peace offered by a father. No loneliness or despair of being nobodies children there. xo

  14. Rhea

    Agree with you my moon in Capricorn gave me peace but no praise when I did exactly what was required of me for that moment. My main task seemed to be for me to outdo my mother’s sisters when I did this in exams , all funding for further education was withdrawn, and so then anyway , marriage or the civil service were the only options.
    My daughter has moon in Capricorn too ,her sun conjunct Neptune, I’m doing my very best in the world for her ,I live with her now.
    I have been excusing Neptune conjunct the sun Inconjunct Neptune and Pluto ( Mars and Saturn) as being a time to heal, I have been loving it as I still sleep at night.
    Don’t feel guilty everyone needs space to heal.
    P. S I do miss your charts for different events

  15. Heather Evans

    Wow- this is wonderful. I am a Capricorn Moon and yes- your description fits very well. In fact, my experience has been far more worse and devistating. I always say it could always be worse. While that is true, and nothing is ever easy–sometimes I am worn too thin because of so many hardships beginning from birth. My mom is a (And please don’t think I’m being dramatic) horrible parent and worthless in general. She abandoned me and neglected me. She couldn’t afford me the opportunity to know my dad bc well- she doesn’t know who he is and its not from lack of trying to find out. I’ve NEVER ever felt like she was a mother to me. In fact, I find it way easier and my inner peace when she’s not around and its not because I gave up on her. There was never any hope to begin with. Not only have i ever ever felt loved by her, but she has actually made it a point many times, almost all my life to bring me down.

  16. Victoria

    Throw in the Full Moon and Sun connecting with this aspect, and most of us feel that we’re under a great deal of stress in some area of our lives. It might be problems with family, health, finances, employment – but everyone can probably point to some situation that feels out of their control and where they are receiving very little help.

    Right on the money, April!


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