Astrology and Your Career

Astro*Marketing Lecture and Workbook

AstroMarketing Workbook

AstroMarketing Workbook

All of the things you need to be successful at marketing yourself and your business are clearly outlined in your own birth chart. In fact, your birth chart is the ultimate, personalized marketing plan.

This introductory package includes:

  • 60-minute mp3 of my lecture on this topic (with most of the swear words edited out!)
  • 40+ page PDF workbook to help walk you through the ideas outlined in the lecture. (Need extra guidance? See info on consultations, to the right!)
  • Both available for IMMEDIATE DOWNLOAD!

Details, excerpt, and ordering information here!

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Praise for my business services

This report is one my most treasured possessions!

Wow, this is such a fabulous report – you offer an incredible service!  I am only a quarter of the way through and have been nodding my head and taking notes…thank you so much.

Thank you for this extra-ordinary gift of your astro-marketing report. It is so comprehensive, has so much wisdom, humor, insight and rings so true. I have tried to get my head, mind, and heart around “branding” and “marketing” the last few years- and have not gotten very far- this is a home run of clarity and insight as well as doable suggestions.

I just reread my Astro Marketing Plan you compiled for me a couple months ago. In fact every month I reread because it is so empowering as I continue to make shifts in my life, preparing for what’s next!! You helped me so much to put the precious pieces of me into a reflective mosaic so I can easily understand who I am and how to share it without fear.