E-booklet: When Will I Get Married?

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When Will You Marry?

If you’re not married but would like to be, you’ve probably spent countless hours poring over your birth chart, trying to figure out when you’ll tie the knot. At least that’s what I did, back when I was single. And even after I got married, the subject continued to intrigue me. Forget what the books say, or what astrological common sense tells you should bring marriage – w hich factors are really present when people marry?

This e-booklet, the digital version of a booklet I gave as a handout at my UAC 2012 lecture, is expanded from an article that originally appeared in The Mountain Astrologer, based on a research project I conducted in 2008.

  • What are the 5 top astrological indicators of marriage?
  • Is your personal “Marriage Myth” getting in the way of your finding happiness?
  • Which surprising planet is the linchpin to astrological timing for marriage?

You’ll get the most from this booklet if you have an intermediate to advanced knowledge of astrology. If you’re a beginner, or just want to go a little deeper into your individual chart’s marriage messages and timing, consider a personal “When Will I Get Married” report and consultation!