Pisces Full Moon: Faith, Reason, and the Truth

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angel-scientistEach Full Moon presents us with an apparent dichotomy between the sign occupied by the Sun, and the opposite sign, occupied by the Moon. When we take a closer look, we realize that while these two archetypes may approach a situation from opposite directions, they’re at least moving toward a common center.

The dichotomy at the heart of this Full Moon pits faith (Moon/Neptune in Pisces) against reason (Sun/Jupiter in Virgo). Is “I don’t know—I just like him/her” a valid reason to support for someone who is running for public office? Is “I’m so in love!” a persuasive argument for marriage? Our Virgo instincts are outraged by such notions, insisting that important decisions must be based on logic, not hunches. Yet Virgo’s annotated list of well-considered arguments and carefully researched facts does nothing to assuage our Piscean ache for something, or someone, to believe in.

As much as those who sneer against “hope” and “faith” would like to believe otherwise, these matter a lot to a great many people. They are, in fact, matters for which many would give their lives, and they are concepts whose power is utterly immune to critical thinking. If you doubt it, try reasoning with a friend who is madly in love with a complete scoundrel. She may agree that he’s a louse, but she hopes he’ll change. Having relinquished reason, she allows her decisions about the relationship to be made by her powerful unconscious—with all its hopes, fears, nostalgia, and unspeakable longings.

It can be frustrating when those around you, especially those you love, see life through a lens that’s different from your own. As an astrologer, I can speak from first-hand experience about cynical scientists and insulting skeptics. But as someone with a couple of planets in Virgo, I also understand their point of view; to those who worship at the altar of rational thought, an astrologer must seem like a heretical ambassador from the loony bin. (more…)

Jupiter enters Virgo: The Party’s Over

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jup-virgoI was born with the Sun and various other planets and points in Leo. When Jupiter moved into the sign of the lion last year, my astro-savvy pals congratulated me as though I’d been nominated for an Academy Award. I have to admit, I felt pretty excited.

But despite its reputation as astrology’s most generous benefactor, Jupiter’s gifts are often best enjoyed in hindsight. While Jupiter is moving through a sign, a house, or in aspect to one of your natal planets, you can actually feel quite a lot of pressure—to live bigger, to be more daring, and to challenge your limitations.

You don’t have to have Leo planets to have felt Jupiter’s influence over this past year. Wanting to be noticed, have more fun, and connect with the engine that drives you—these are hallmarks of Jupiter in Leo. Leo is certainly a glamorous, fun-loving sign, but in combination with the exaggerated, exuberant influence of Jupiter, it can be a little too much of a good thing. (more…)

Leo New Moon: Guided by Desire

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leonm-postUp to now, I wasn’t quite sure what I thought about Venus’ current retrograde period. But the chart for this New Moon (Aug. 14, 10:53 am Eastern Time) features the Sun and Moon in a close conjunction with Venus, so perhaps it’s time to tell that particular story.

In astrological Venus, we find the symbol of style, beauty, pleasure, value, and keeping up with the Joneses. We also find the very human susceptibility to being told what we should enjoy. There are entire industries that rely upon this tendency, and they are part of a world that is all too happy to tell us, every day and in a variety of ways, what it is we should love and find pleasurable.

There are socially approved body shapes, clothing styles, music, and colors. You should aspire to drive this car. Your kitchen can only look beautiful with granite counter tops, cherry wood cabinets, and travertine tiles. If you are a woman and not naturally svelte, you must starve yourself to maintain the correct shape.

The specific messages vary greatly depending on our age, gender, where we live, and our interests. But the essential idea is the same: The world conspires to tell us how to be beautiful and where to seek pleasure. And if you find that your own preferences lie outside the mainstream, it takes awareness, confidence, and a strong sense of self to embrace them.

Fortunately, Leo wrote the book on confidence, or at least the dogged pursuit of it. The profound relief of Venus retrograde in this sign (July 25 through September 6, 2015) has, for me, been the awakened urge to retreat from those messages and turn within to examine what actually does bring me pleasure. Who are the people with whom I really enjoy spending my time? Does the value of our home truly depend upon renovating our kitchen in a style I dislike? Am I a failure as a woman because I enjoy eating carbohydrates? (more…)

Finding Your Transits

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finding-transits-blog-imageI’m pretty excited that my new book, The Beginners Guide to Astrological Transits, is now available in the wild (e.g., wherever books are sold) in both print and e-book versions. I think it does a pretty good job of explaining what transits are and how planetary cycles work. It even explains how to find your transits. But I know that for some, nothing gets the job done quite as well as a demonstration. So I’ve put together a video to show you how to get your hands on your current transits immediately and start using your copy of Astrological Transits the moment it arrives!


Aquarius Full Moon: Born Free

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born-free_300A friend sent me a stunning photograph from her boyfriend’s summertime expedition in the northernmost reaches of the Pacific—floating on a ship amidst a sea of ice floes “as thick as I am tall,” he wrote, for endless summer days that never turn into night that far north.

Viewing it from San Diego, where delayed summer has given way to warm, sticky, exhaustion, I found it a singularly restful image. In North American July, nothing feels quite as good as an air-conditioned room, tastes as delicious as an icy drink, or looks as inviting as a polar landscape.

It’s the season of the Lion, the sweltering, prideful season of those who look good in a bathing suit…and the rest of us. Leo won’t tell you this, and probably won’t admit it if you ask, but we’re an insecure bunch, forever seeking our true selves in the approving eyes of others. That insecurity either comes from, or perhaps motivates our creative drive; it’s probably a bit of both. The need to express yourself and to offer up your thoughts and feelings for the judgment of an audience can make you feel as jumpy as the proverbial cat on a hot tin roof.

Trust me. I’m a Leo who writes for a living.

It helps to have some Aquarius planets in your chart, or Aquarius relatives and friends, or even the Full Moon in Aquarius to rescue you from the tiring quest for the spotlight. Aquarius trusts humanity and leads us effortlessly, like a confident dance instructor, into happy communion with others. Traditionally ruled by Saturn, our cool and contained Aquarian selves are blessed with strong interpersonal boundaries that allow us to immerse ourselves in the human experience, comfortable in the knowledge that, should the walls start closing in, we can simply chip off our own floe and drift out to sea. (more…)

Cancer New Moon: Tidying Up

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zen-closetInspired by Marie Kondo’s bestselling The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing, I’ve spent part of every day for the past month getting rid of unwanted things. I’ve already donated three huge bags of clothing discards, three boxes of books, and a box of CDs and DVDs to the library and my favorite charity, and I haven’t even started in the kitchen.

At this month’s New Moon in Cancer, the Sun and Moon are in aspect to both Uranus and Pluto, the epic gods of change. Uranus is the gleeful god which, once unleashed, can get carried away with tossing aside almost anything. But Pluto demands deep, thorough, and lasting transformation, and Kondo’s approach to household organization has the ring of Pluto depth and ruthlessness about it. Decisions about which things to keep is based on the answer to a single question: “Does this spark joy?” It sounds like an odd approach, and I rolled my eyes a bit… before I tried it, and found it surprisingly effective. There really is something marvelous about feeling that I could open my closet, my drawers, and my bookshelves and, even if blindfolded, choose an item I’d be pleased to wear or read.

If you decide at this New Moon to spend quality time with your house (and since Cancer rules the home, you probably will), it is likely to be Uranian freedom from possessions that you seek, but unpleasant Pluto tasks you will feel compelled to tackle – the ones you’ve been putting off for months, even years, because you just couldn’t face them, because they’re dirty, or exhausting, or overwhelming. What will you let go of? (more…)

Dissociate (out-of-sign) aspects

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Usually, aspects between planets occur when they are in particular signs of the zodiac. Squares to your Saturn in Aries, for instance, will usually involve planets in Cancer or Capricorn.

However, sometimes planets can be in aspect to each other even when they are in the “wrong” signs. It has to do with aspect orbs, the amount of “wiggle room” you allow between two planets that are close to, but not quite in exact aspect to each other.

For instance, say the Moon in your birth chart is at 28 degrees Aquarius, and Mars is at 2 degrees Gemini. If you glanced at this and simply noted the signs involved, you’d say, “Great, a nice trine between the Moon and Mars!”

But look more closely. 28 Aquarius is just two degrees away from being in Pisces, and thus only four degrees away from 2 Pisces – which forms an exact square (90 degrees) to Mars at 2 Gemini. Nearly all astrologers would consider an orb of four degrees to fall into the acceptable range for a square aspect.

These “out-of-sign” aspects are called dissociate aspects. They can take a little practice to find, but if you begin by keeping your eye on relationships between planets that are at the very beginning or very end of their signs, you’ll find most of them.

Progressions: Making Progress

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timing eclipse fallout Most modern astrologers make some use of secondary progressions. What are they? How are they useful? Should you use them?

Secondary progressions are a theoretical way of moving your birth chart forward to reflect your growth, maturity, and yes, progress. Here’s why they’re useful and you should use them.

Working with transits is great. Transits are more external in nature than progressions; they describe events outside you, some of which have a very dramatic impact on the course of your life. But how you react to and are affected by a transit is more likely to be seen in the secondary progressions.

For example, let’s say a family member dies. You may see this reflected in a variety of hard planetary transits. But invariably, each family member responds in a slightly different way. The one with his progressed Moon conjunct natal Uranus on that day is being asked to adjust emotionally to the fact that life can change in an instant. The one with progressed Sun square natal Pluto is being asked to step up and be the hero, to shepherd everyone else through the tragedy.

It’s the rare person who really changes much, at a core level. We all do change a little – but it’s not the transits we face that tell that story. It’s the secondary progressions that demonstrate whether or not we are evolving, reaching for our full potential, and making real progress.

Capricorn Full Moon: Slowing Down, Turning Around

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Image from Mother Tongues

Image from Mother Tongues

I pick up the phone to hear my sister’s voice in mid-reminiscence: “Hey, you know what I remembered today?”


“Remember when we used to go to pick mom up from work, and we’d be sitting in the car waiting…and finally she’d come out, and as she was walking towards us, one of us would say, ‘That’s my mom!’ And the other one would say, ‘Hey – that’s my mom too!’ And then we’d look at each other and go -“

Here I pick up the thread of the storyline, and together we utter a single, dramatic gasp, pretending to be soap opera characters who have suddenly realized they are long-lost sisters. “Duh duh DUH!” we cry, mimicking soap opera “moment of truth” music, and giggle helplessly.

With my sister I’m always a kid, even though we’re in our mid-50s, pushing the outer edges of middle age. For instance, she called this morning to give me an update about my nephew’s upcoming wedding. My nephew is marvelous, and I just about burst with pride every time I look at him – but like most rattled oldsters who are continually stunned by the most predictable of life’s transitions, I’m startled as well. Surely he’s not that old, that tall, driving a car, passing the bar, getting married!

Oh, what is it about summer that makes us look back with such aching nostalgia, to take stock of the years passing us by, register such alarm at the 6’3″ nephew, remember silly word games we once played – sometimes still play – with a sibling? In the past few days, the sun has turned fierce after weeks of “June gloom,” San Diego’s characteristic, pre-summer cloudiness. Some afternoons I hear the cheerful, music-box tune of an ice cream truck as it meanders down our street, and suddenly I’m seven years old. It’s all I can do to keep from chasing after him for a sidewalk sundae. These are sweet memories; why does it make me a little sad to remember them? (more…)

Gemini New Moon: Road Trip

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road-polaroidWhen you’re young, everything that happens is new. There’s no telling which joys, triumphs, tragedies, or heartbreaks are random events, and which are the first installments in storylines that will play out across your lifetime. As a child, even into your teens and your twenties, you’re still figuring out what your stories are.

Gemini and its ruling planet, Mercury, are astrology’s storytellers, delineators of your life’s narrative arc. Enter your thirties, and you begin to recognize recurring plotlines—the sorts of people who capture your heart, and how those relationships typically end; the habits that are maddeningly hard to break; your distinctive pattern of achievement and failure. In your forties, there is often a strong pull to escape from some of your stories. And by the time you reach your fifties, you’re more or less resigned to them, even philosophical. You’ve seen examples of most of what will tend to happen to you,  and it can get a little boring to watch more of it play out—but sort of comforting, too.

We tell ourselves stories about who we are, and after four or five decades, sometimes we just want a new story. I’ve wondered what it must like to be someone like Mick Jagger (not that there is anyone quite like Mick Jagger, of course, but you know what I mean), who has been playing Mick Jagger in public for fifty years, singing Satisfaction and leaping around the stage like a manic jack in the box. Does he ever just get sick and tired of the whole Mick Jagger thing? (more…)