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Lunar Eclipse in Libra: You Were Asleep

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Maybe that old break has completely healed – but I’ll bet if we looked closely we would detect the tiniest hairline crack, such as you might find on a vase that was broken and glued back together. It’ll never be the same as it was before the break. You’ll never be the same person you were before life and relationships happened to you; every person you’ve loved has left a hairline fracture….


New Moon in Aries: The Taming

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We start out as wild horses, and life is the process by which we’re tamed. Some of us are civilized by gentle masters who teach us restraint without breaking our spirits. Others were brutalized by cruel circumstances that taught us to trample everything in our paths. Most of us have encountered both types of master; some days we gallop, and some days we trample….


Spring: Faces of Mars

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Loss and savagery, failure and ruthlessness, cruelty and hurt come to us inevitably as a natural consequence of Mars energy in the world — the price paid for progress — and we lose our innocent Aries enthusiasm soon enough; but over time it is broken down into the rich, emotional loam of Scorpio, from which beautiful things grow….


New Moon in Pisces: Widening the Path

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I’m becoming a bit of a fan of denial. God knows, all the worrying and obsessing and hairsplitting I’ve done in the past half-century hasn’t made me or the world one jot better or happier. During this Pisces season I find myself wondering: Will the world really come to a screeching halt if I pay the power bill a day late, ignore current events, or neglect my Facebook page for a week?


Full Moon in Leo: The Grateful Flow

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Leo is the sign that symbolizes our connection with the Source, whether you imagine it as God or physics or something else entirely. For our purposes, you may simply imagine it as a huge battery that generates more than enough energy and inspiration for everyone. In our Leo/Solar selves, we develop creative ways to connect to that loving, powerful source….


Cancer Full Moon: The Awakened Heart

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Sometimes we’re fortunate enough to encounter luminescent, warm-hearted, Buddha-like souls in real life, and it’s as healing as a comfortable nap in front of a roaring fire. Interestingly, these are never people whom life has spared from difficulty and fear. In fact, it’s because they’ve faced life’s problems and retained a hopeful, positive Jupiterian presence that they reassure us we can do the same….


Book Review: The Stellium Handbook, by Donna Cunningham

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My teacher used to say that having a bunch of planets together in the same sign or house is sort of like having a nursery full of screaming babies and only one set of hands. In technical terms, this bunch of hollering astro-infants is called a stellium, and beloved author Donna Cunningham has written a book about them.