Astrology Readings with April

What an Astrology Reading Can Offer You


  • Clarity and focus. In times of crisis, life can be an overwhelming jumble of changes and challenges. An astrology reading can help you identify what’s most important and calculate a strategy for moving forward.
  • Insight and understanding. Every now and then – say, at your birthday – it can be nice to check in and get some perspective on your personal growth, career goals, and relationship issues. Astrology can help you gain much needed perspective on current cycles, opportunities, and challenges.
  • Answers. You’re suffering; how long will it last? When will you find a mate? A job? Astrology offers perspective on timing and answers about life’s biggest questions.
  • Better Questions. What can you learn from hard times? What is the right kind of mate for you? What is the work that will really reward and satisfy you?

Praise from clients…

Thank you for this extra-ordinary gift of your astro-marketing report. It is so comprehensive, has so much wisdom, humor, insight and rings so true. I have tried to get my head, mind heart around “branding” and “marketing” the last few years- and have not gotten very far- this is a home run of clarity and insight as well as doable suggestions.

You are incredibly insightful … Thank you for your humanity! So refreshing…

I just reread my Astro Marketing Plan you compiled for me a couple months ago. In fact every month I reread because it is so empowering as I continue to make shifts in my life, preparing for what’s next!! You helped me so much to put the precious pieces of me into a reflective mosaic so I can easily understand who I am and how to share it without fear.

Thank you again for your  report! It was very very accurate and I totally loved how you explain how each part of my chart connected to each other. Most astrologers just explain these aspects separately so it was difficult for me to understand how they were related to each other. I will definitely recommend you to all of my friends!

Your thoughts and perspectives took me on that proverbial rollercoaster ride of emotions. I need to listen to the CD again to hear the things you had to say while I was laughing or sobbing too hard to hear you…. From the depths of my heart, Thank you….”

I think that’s the great thing about what you do as an astrologer — to help people get back to/discover their soul’s mission! What a great thing to do with your life!”

Wow! Amazing! Egads!”

I’ve been looking forward to this all week and you didn’t disappoint – I had tears  bubbling up half way through as I read the report and I heard and felt…YES! YES! YES!!!!!”

Finding meaning in the patterns of your life

Whether you’re looking for guidance to help you navigate rough waters, inspiration to reach for your most treasured goals, or just want to give yourself a treat, nothing beats having someone talk about you!

I’ll consult your birth chart, progressions, and transits to help you gain perspective on the present and to explore the rich territory and major goalposts that lie ahead.


Readings are available by Skype or by phone. You’ll complete a brief questionnaire in advance that will help me prepare for our session and make sure we cover your most pressing concerns. After I’ve received your completed questionnaire and payment, I’ll get in touch to discuss scheduling options.


If this is the first time we’ve worked together, or you have a lot of ground you want to cover, this is the best option.




These sessions are great for periodic updates and targeted sessions related to one or two topics.





Coaching for Fledgling Astrologers

Making the transition from hobbyist to professional astrologer? Wondering if you’re really ready to make the leap? Need help finding your niche, defining your goals, and implementing your strategy for world domination?

Consultations about your astrology practice are available for you at a reduced rate by Skype or by phone.

Email me for details!


Use this only if we’ve discussed a price for a non-standard service.

The fine print:

  • I don’t currently do synastry/compatibility readings, but I’ll be happy to refer you to a colleague who loves doing this kind of work.
  • I can usually schedule your appointment within a couple of weeks. I’m keeping a limited consultation schedule, though; so if I get busy, there may be a bit more of a wait.
  • Appointments are scheduled for weekdays between 10 am and 4 pm Pacific Time.