Aries New Moon: The Beast in Me

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I’ve always been reasonably good at getting along with people—except when it comes to anything involving creative expression or “play.” For instance, do not engage me in games of any kind; I’m a poor sport at everything from miniature golf to Yahtzee. Don’t ask me to sing with your band unless you’re prepared to play the songs I want, the way I want. And whatever you do, don’t ask me what I like to do for fun. “Fun” is a buoyant, Smurfy word that does not resonate in my impatient, creatively driven world.

This is what it means to have Aries as the cruise director of your fifth house, as I do. With Aries on the fifth house cusp, the cruise director is always pushing you somewhere, from shuffleboard to the buffet. The house of “children, fun, and creativity” is supposed to be a place of pure joy and relaxation. Mine is more like Fight Club.

Mind you, I’m content this way. I take enormous satisfaction from my fifth house pursuits. It’s just that everyone is better off when I pursue them alone.

Wherever Aries appears in your chart, you probably don’t play well with others, either. Even if you’re a dainty type who prefers to delegate Aries duties to your gun-toting, raw meat-loving partner, there’s still something untamed in you beneath your refined veneer—something songwriter Nick Lowe once called The Beast in Me, and which an astrologer might call Aries.

Each year, the Aries New Moon invites you to celebrate the ambitious, driven, untamed energy of the ram. And not just its warlike tendencies, but the physical and spiritual energy Aries symbolizes—the tingly surge of “it feels great to be alive” energy that sends you leaping out of bed and into your running shoes. This New Moon, however, is in a close conjunction with Venus, retrograde and also in Aries. This is a season that favors a more genteel approach, when the beast of Aries’ drive and ambition is tempered by more civilized forces, and when reflection and restraint are the watchwords of the day.

Look to the house of your chart where Aries reigns on the cusp. This house describes the people, places, and situations that embody both Aries’ rugged individualism and, for the next few weeks, the restraining, manicured hand of Venus. Venus is the planet that “rules” close relationships. During her retrograde periods, voices from the past—old friends, former flames—often appear. Perhaps they come in the form of a Facebook friend request from out of the blue, a random phone call, vivid dreams, or simply a life event that triggers strong memories of important people from your past. Think of this as a second chance to make things right—or perhaps to avoid making the same mistake twice.

The Aries part of you won’t be tamed altogether, though. It is the part of you that intends to win, or die trying. The house of your chart that contains Aries maps the location of your life’s battlefield, and of your greatest reservoir of vitality. In life’s fierce skirmishes, this is where you battle most effectively—and where you can always return when you need more energy and excitement in your life.

So honor the energy and fighting spirit of your inner warrior, which protects you, challenges you, and moves you forward in life. But respect the perfumed hand of Venus as well, as she restrains you from self-harm and injurious impulses. Venus, the goddess of love and pleasure, inspires you to remember what it is that you love best—because after all, those are the things that are really worth fighting for.

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13 Responses to “Aries New Moon: The Beast in Me”

  1. Charles

    LOL I saw the title of your post, and immediately thought of this very Nick Lowe song. It’s one of my favorites. So I had to look him up, yes Nick is an Aries.


    Oh this is so very true!! I feel the push and haul of my Aries sun but alas Venus is gently mothering me rightfully so. I just wanna slam the Earth and spring fireworks toward people. Hurling wild delight. Yet, patience and temperance is charming my tongue. But I do feel an aliveness in my chest today. I wanna love hard. It’s the beast in me!

  3. donna

    i just want to know whose art adorns this site especially the fox/queen painting at the beginning of the aries piece above.
    also am almost ready to get a reading from you April but with three planets in aries i have so much to do first ! a quandary.

    • April

      Hi Donna – I’ve been making my own digital collages recently. The one on this essay is one of mine – glad you like it. 🙂

      • donna

        it’s just lovely. the site is a feast for the eyes.
        even if you are as slow as you say, your art and layout says action, magic and wonder. it feels like something big is happening.
        in astrology, something big is always happening.
        we like that.

  4. Denise

    I went to see the movie “Beauty and the Beast” this weekend. It was magical, just like your picture! Says a lot, I think, about integrating both within ourselves.

  5. Tamara

    I cracked up laughing in recognition of myself in your essay. Libra ascendant. Jupiter Aries 7th. Your art is beautiful.

  6. Maria Alexander

    Hey Kent! Question. What if the new moon falls in your fifth house but Aries is on the cusp of the sixth? Is it that the fifth house is activated and it affects the sixth?

    • April

      Hi Maria! It’s experienced in both houses, but probably more noticeably in the house with Aries on the cusp. House cusps act like an Ascendant for that house – it’s how we “act out” the house. 🙂

      • Rinta

        April, I was transfixed by your digital art. It almost echoes of William Blake to me – Songs of Innocence blazing too quickly to Songs of Experience. Quick question: Aries is intercepted in my 7th house in the Koch system (8th house cusp zero degrees Taurus), but in the Placidus system, my 8th house cusp is 29 degrees Aries. Does that mean I may sometimes “act out” Aries, and sometimes not? 🙂

  7. Anahit

    Nick Lowe sounds charming in the way he’s written and delivers his song (The Beast in Me), like an Aries with Libra qualities would. Sounds about right, since Nick has his Neptune in Libra. Writing this song probably helped Nick Lowe embrace his (raw) Arian self by tapping into the (refined) Libra energies across, along this cardinal (masculine) polarity. Upcoming Libra Full Moon seems representative of that process. 🙂 April, thanks for the lovely articles on the latest new moon in Aries and full moon in Libra! I appreciate all the aesthetically creative touches you give to your work…


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