Aries Full Moon: Grapes of Wrath

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angry-yellingOne day, driving back from an otherwise uneventful trip to Trader Joe’s, I became so angry at a fellow motorist that I screamed – and it felt so good that I screamed some more. I screamed so enthusiastically that my husband, over in the passenger’s seat, started to get kind of concerned. He later told me that my screaming and anger had made him feel “as though someone was standing on my chest.”

Oh, dear. I know that feeling. I’ve been on the other end plenty of times, watching otherwise rational people rage out of control in a way that makes me fear for their safety and their sanity. I feel that way at family gatherings when talk turns to politics and controversy quickly ensues, and when I don’t click past the cable news shows fast enough while channel-surfing.

It’s worth noting, at this week’s Full Moon in Aries – ruled by Mars, the god of war – that anger has its place in the vast scheme of things. It’s a warning sign that something or someone is being threatened, and acts as a motivator to remove the threat. And in my defense, I will say that although I overreacted, my fellow motorist had jumped his turn at a four-way stop and nearly rammed his SUV into the side of my tiny Toyota. I was, indeed, threatened. Except that I can’t see that anger really helped me in that situation. And in fact, it probably harmed me, stoking up my blood pressure and upsetting my sweetie as well.

My over-the-top reaction to a minor traffic incident got me thinking, and it dawned on me that earlier that morning, I’d had my feelings deeply hurt by someone who I felt hadn’t recognized and appreciated me. I had swallowed those feelings whole, because they embarrassed me; but they were still there, festering, until an inattentive motorist “overlooked” me and triggered my little emotion bomb.

No matter how old we get or how confident we may seem, there’s a vulnerable, newborn Aries baby inside all of us who wants to come first. And when it doesn’t we scream bloody murder, like an infant who hasn’t been fed quickly enough.

The emotion of last resort

Anger is the emotion of last resort, which kicks in only when other warning signs have failed to get our attention. When someone crosses the line with you, a quick and assertive response is in order. We need to stand up for ourselves, and when fear, good manners, or pride keep us from doing so, anger is the natural result. But anger is the nuclear weapon of the relationship arsenal – its power lies in its ability to intimidate or frighten others. Anger stamps a vintage from the grapes of normal, healthy, Aries wrath, bottles it up and places it in a dark cellar for months. What results might be a great wine – but will more likely turn to vinegar, corrosive and sour.

These days, it seems that anger has moved from being the emotion of last resort to the first line of defense. There’s plenty of righteous anger to go around, and also quite a bit of misguided wrath. More and more, we’re seeing angry, organized groups take to the streets in a sense of  outrage. Unfortunately, there are still plenty of people who are cultivating anger as way of life without much self-reflection. They’re screaming, screaming, screaming behind the wheel of a car, and it doesn’t seem to be doing much good.

I can’t help but wonder how much of this anger is misdirected embarrassment about other matters altogether. It’s difficult to admit, even to yourself, that you’ve made mistakes. It’s even hard to admit when you’re in difficult circumstances despite doing everything “right.” Maybe you can look back and see where you were duped or could have done things differently; that’s a hard pill to swallow. But at some point, swallow it we must, and then move on.

The Aries Full Moon demands action and courage, not anger or blame. The most effective Aries people I’ve known are people of action. They are not saints – they have tempers, and don’t always exercise the best judgment; but neither do they blame the world for their problems, or meekly accept their helplessness at the hands of fate. Even if it’s something as simple as marching in a demonstration, writing a letter to the editor, volunteering for a charitable organization, cutting down on their gasoline consumption – they do something. And if they have a beef with you, they come right out and tell you instead of letting their resentment fester.

First, make a plan

The path to action is not so straightforward at this New Moon, though. Mars – Aries’ ruling planet – is moving toward a rendezvous with Pluto in Capricorn, with this volatile combination in a powerful t-square to the Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter in Libra, and the Moon and Uranus in Aries. It’s no wonder the U.S. presidential election has devolved into an unholy mixture of pissiness and physical intimidation. Half the sky is at war with the other half.

But look deep beneath the surface of fear and frustration, and you may be able to locate  Capricorn’s voice of cool pragmatism. “Go ahead and take action,” Capricorn advises, “But first, cool off and make a plan.”

Look to the house of your chart where the Full Moon falls, at 23.14 Aries – it tells you where you’re ready to take much-needed action in your life. The true source of any anger that emerges around this New Moon can be found in the house where Mars and Pluto meet, at 15 Capricorn. This indicates where you must find a strategic plan for holding your emotions in check so you can get what you really need. (Need help finding where these fall in your chart? Click here.)

Aries isn’t partial to strategy; it’s the part of us that prefers to shoot first and ask questions later. But while temper tantrums and name-calling may temporarily feel satisfying, this Full Moon’s most effective warriors will be those who are disciplined and organized. Don’t get angry – get effective.

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16 Responses to “Aries Full Moon: Grapes of Wrath”

  1. Beth

    Great writing! And I L-O-V-E the photo. I’m a 4 planet Aries with Pluto sitting on my Ascendant at 15 Capricorn. Moon in Scorpio. “Don’t get angry, get effective” will be my mantra from now on. I hope it will replace the others: Scorpio-don’t get angry get even. Aries- don’t get angry just blow up. Capricorn – don’t get angry get nasty. Wish me luck, as I’m going to need it!

    • Cristi

      15.34 Cap Asc myself, so I’m right there with ya dear 🙂 Wish I had all your fire lol! Im creating a fb page for those of us experiencing a Pluto transit through the first house and would love to have you join the journey! April nailed it with “Dont get angry, get effective”…perfect!
      email me if interested

  2. Leslie

    Amazing article, April, as always. I almost called you yesterday to ask, what in the hell is going on?” This answers everything. Now I need to go check my chart. 🙂

  3. Helen

    ooh yummy – this full moon kisses my mercury and jupiter…. honey, i am pretty happy about stuff right now YAY YAY… though i must say, when i was hearing about a friend who was being mistreated, i just wanted to go over and smack the person who was mistreating her SMACK! STOP THAT!! WHACK!…- so i did it in the ethers (they live in another country)… So… what did i miss? Aries full moon equals anger? huh? i don’t get the wrath thing…maybe i read that wrong.. Aries anger is like thunderstorms – boom… and then it’s over.. i have always wanted one of those sci-fi vaporiizing guns where you zap the enemy and only dust is left – no evidence….(or is that my scorpio mars, hmmm)…. i am usually so happy when full moon in aries blows around – i point at the sky and go “look ~ my moon!! yay!” okay so i never grew up.. where’s the ice cream… p.s. of course you freaked out when the guy almost totalled your car – he smacked into your energy field – you were definitely going to feel it and respond (same thing has happened to me – guy in mercedes shocked that i had right of way in intersection going straight through and he was turning left and woke up when he saw my car – idiot – the shocking realization on his face that if he hit me he’d have to buy me a new car)…. gaaah…

  4. Linny

    Great article about emotions out of control. You are right April, its all about what we have to hold in to stop our own personal ‘stuff’ coming out!!!! For me, its all things family and partner, know whats not right but up against the proverbial brick wall!!! How I feel controlled by money and circumstances. Very Pluto in Capricorn and only eight years to go of it. With US election (and I’m English in England) Jeb Bush and his family (WAR,WAR,WAR) ! Can it be that Donald Trump will be forced out this weekend and Jeb Bush comes back in and takes the republican presidency in November??? His and his families charts say so. I have been waiting all week for your full moon article for this weekend and can only say that if even you cannot find anything good to say about it, I’m going to hide, switch of all Uranus devices and come out on Monday all serene and untouched. Ha ha ha. Very best wishes April. PS. Get yourself a great big SUV!!! xxx

  5. Stella von Thun

    Thank you April for the heads up for all of us 😉
    I have the moon at 23 degrees Aries on my I/C this seems very apt
    being a Libra , Sun/ Moon opposition ,this could be actually will be
    a defining moment !!

    Stella x

  6. Steve

    Oh great, that full moon is 1 degrees off my Sun! I bet next Saturday night could be pretty rowdy in some places too.

    I agree with this and can recommend a dose of considered action, however modest. This UK Aries started lobbying politicians in a post-Brexit panic for some sense and decency, and heard back that those suggestions would become policy. Obviously I was one of many, but likewise, many others were kicking off. It never hurts to add your voice of reason to help dilute an otherwise toxic situation, no matter what your stance.

    It’s crazy watching the US from over here (for everyone, it seems), seeing a very familiar kind of rage and issues boiling over — and having watched both sides splinter in so many ways too. Whoever wins is going to have to start by somehow healing those divisions. I hope there’s some of that coming down the line!

  7. Karen

    Gee…. I am caught in this bomb of energy and drawing lines in the sand! Creates a grand square to my 1st house mars,sun uranus which is square saturn, neptune conjunction(5th) in square to my chiron(7th) Last week I told my recently retired husband I needed some space-for a while not just a couple days! Holy Smoke!!! Trying to be effective….
    Thanks so much for this article April!!

    • Linny

      Dear Karen, Hold off with the husband thing, very difficult I know, but, DO NOT bite yourself in the foot, The Saturn/Neptune square is still with us, never mind the next week stuff and next year and the year after, the planets in the big sky are fighting enough, stand back and reason it all out please, boy do I know what you mean about wanting space! Preferably, around 2 or 3 continents!!! Best Wishes to you.

      • Karen

        Thanks for the warning Linny and the wishes. It’s all good, so far! The wiggle room has been good for my soul. Appreciate your response

  8. Elsie

    This one is hitting my natal venus which is 20 aries and it is trine natal Uranus which is 23 Leo and Transit Uranus is here in the hood while the mars Pluto is opposite my natal moon…have had so many people pass away in y life this year not sure I am in the mood for any more people to passs away…but this mars pluto is in natal 5th and I have been laboring away with a script/creative project I have been pitching and trying to sell. Hopefully a breakthrough comes here.

  9. Charlotte Dahl

    Close hits to sun, mars and chiron. That’s it. I’m staying in all weekend.

  10. Lunar

    I have been feeling really depressed and getting massive headaches that lead to vomiting- this never has happened before to me! Also, I snapped at a girl I the coffee line when she started pointing at me and told me to move to the register- I told her not to point her finger in my face !
    This upcoming full moon will be in my 12 th house and the Mars and Pluto are in my 8th right now. I cannot fathom what this means, and any guidance would be appreciated! Thank you for this article!

  11. Lunar

    I have been feeling really depressed and getting massive headaches that lead to vomiting- this never has happened before to me! Also, I snapped at a girl I the coffee line when she started pointing at me and told me to move to the register- I told her not to point her finger in my face !
    This upcoming full moon will be in my 12 th house and the Mars and Pluto are in my 8th right now. I cannot fathom what this means, and any guidance would be appreciated! Thank you for this article!
    Oh also this moon will be conjunctions my north node…:/


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