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 Friday, October 9, 2014 – San Diego Astrological Society. Topic TBA

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With approximately fifty planets in Leo and the 9th house, I welcome any opportunity to get up in front of a group of people and talk. Enjoy tightly crafted lectures and workshops (complete with snappy wisecracks) on a dazzling array of topics, including:

  • Using Astrology to Market Yourself – How your birth chart can help you do stuff you’re good at with people you like.
  • Mars for Women: A Woman’s Field Guide to the Warrior Planet – What role does Mars, the fanged and bloody warrior planet, play in the birth charts of the fair sex? Do women have a different relationship with Mars than men do?
  • Wedding Astrologer Tells All: Using Astrology to Choose Wedding Dates that Work - Secrets from a decade choosing wedding dates for hundreds of couples.
  • Shadowlands: Eclipse Cycles and the Birth Chart – To be alive is to be in crisis. But not all crises are created equal. The astrology of eclipses in the birth chart is an astrology of crisis, of critical turning points. Learn to detect the narratives in your chart so you can resolve the plotlines!
  • When Will I Get Married? – After years in the business, I never felt comfortable answering the astrology client’s most-asked question. So, I did a survey… and the results weren’t exactly what I expected. Including: the top five astrological signs that you’re on your way to the altar.
  • I’ll Follow the Sun: An Astrological Happiness Project. How did you find your way to astrology? Most likely, you followed the Sun. The characteristics of our Sun Signs offered most of us our toehold onto astrology’s rich and varied path. In this lecture, we’ll explore how the transiting and progressed Sun’s pilgrimages through your chart regulate the tempo of your days and years as reassuringly as the seasons themselves.

If you’re interested in having me talk to your group, drop me a line!